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Dishonesty of Scholars and Scientists

  • Broadcast in Religion
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Fallen man.  Those who rely on scholars and scientists not to have a political and/or social agenda in their "sceance" are dupes and fools.  Example on point is Athanasius being called a "black dwarf" to satisfy the agenda requirements of Mr. Hale, a liberal Mormon, in his mission to transfigure Mormonism into liberalism.  The term "Black Dwarf" was wholly invented by a Cuban, Justo Gonzalez, with no footnotes or citations for the quote, but satisfying Mr. Hale's agenda of niggarizing the Mormons, he thus latched onto this and I played a clip of him aceding to it, even though it is a lie.  This is illustrative of the "school of fish" mentality of these who are guilty of this incestuous sourcing amongst themselves, regarding evolution and everything else, very little original research to establish veracity is employed. Thus THE BIG LIE told by them (evolution) opening the door to mixing with the black race of Cain. Mr. Hale dishonestly says early Church fathers lived in "Northern Africa" which is misleading.  Alexandria, built by Alexander the Great, and reigned over by the descendents of one of his generals, Ptolemy, was a Hellenistic center of learning, the great library at Alexandria was there until burned by Julius Caesar.  Was Cleopatra black because she was from "northern Aftrica"?  She was a Greek (thus white, like Alexander himself)!  Thus one can see this hidden agenda, hidden to all those except the one having the keys of the Priesthood, which alone has the power to drag this hellish influence into the light of day, with all of its soul-destroying and diabolical designs, which is the father of lies, even the devil himself. Mr. Hale and those like him depend on the swooning ignorance of his audience to succor