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Unified Field Theory Uniting Spiritual World and Physical

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Revelation on the Law of Light, Received July 25, 1989, Provo, Utah. Light is the Law by which all Things are Governed, saith the Lord.
c = (E/M)1/2
1 The above equation E=mc2, solved for c, is named the law of light regarding the physical universe. 
2 The same light which enlighteneth your eyes quickeneth your understandings, saith the Lord, and is the law by which all things are governed, and which, saith the Lord, changeth not, but remains constant, that ye may have a standard by which to judge truth, and which constant is called the law
of light.
3 And it is that science, saith the Lord, which abrogates or does away with the basis of true science,...is it not false?
4 Even so, O man, it is given unto thee to judge, and it is that by what judgement ye judge, that shall ye also be judged.
5 For it is given unto thee, O man, to judge between good and evil.
6 And by what shall ye judge?
7 ...it is the light of Christ, or that which ye call intelligence.
8 And this light doth not vary, neither is there any shadow of change according to this law.
9 And it is by this standard that ye perceive the world.
10 For if the light were variable, then ye could not see with thine eyes and ye would become lost in the world.
11 And so it is with spiritual things, for they are judged also by that same light.
12 For that light which quickeneth your understandings, giveth you life, for by this power ye are edified, saith the Lord, that ye may be guided in thy paths, and live unto me, O man.
13 Therefore that which is eternal, and changeth not, is of me, and that which is not eternal, but doth vary according to the fashions, and vagaries and foolishness and generations of man, is of the devil...