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War in Heaven Transferred to Earth in Current Politics

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Politics (which involves judgment) and issues of character determined in pre-existence shows the war fought in heaven has been transferred to the earth.  Firstly, the devil needed representation on the earth.  These, saith the Lord, are the black race of Cain, around which are those who are driven by sexual depravity and other deep sins, all of which combine to attempt to overthrow the Godhead before the world was. The black race of Cain was sympathetic with them who were cast out, but were neutral in this antemortal combat and withdrew to the side, and even thought Lucifer had a little more the right to rule and reign.  They are still sympathetic. These desire to take from those who produce with their intellect and vigor and redistribute this production amongst themselves.  This was the devil's plan before the world was made, this forced equality, and is signified by the red star.  This plan was to be implemented by doing away with liberty.  The plan was rejected and Lucifer made war openly and along with one third were cast out to the earth without bodies and they now make war by encompassing the saints round about.  The Negro, the Black Race of Cain, were not cast out, but became a race of servants for Shem and Japeth (see Gen 9) and must not bear rule, saith the Lord.  These things are reflected in the operations of the current occupant of the White House, and those Negroes (96%) who will vote for the devil where their sympathies still lie. These are the Democrats, who desire to enslave the remnant of Israel who are white, the Republicans. God's representation on the earth, therefore, is Israel, the birthright of which belongs to Ephraim, who have been given a land of promise, the land of Joseph (coat of many colors), the land northward of which is called North America, South America being given by God to Ephraim's brother, Manessah, saith the Lord.