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Section 1, The Revelations of Jesus Christ Proclaimed

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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36 And it is that because that none of you have faith and intelligence and knowledge sufficient to pull down answers from that region of light, that ye cry blasphemy as the Jews, when it was that I sent mine Only Begotten even unto them, O ye stiffnecked and unbelieving generation! 

49 Even so, will I the Lord God lay judgment to the line and righteousness to the plummet, yea, even in these things, that the righteous may be separated from wicked and that eternally.
50 For, thus saith the Lord, these things are accord ing to the judgments which I, the Lord God , shall pour out upon them, yea, even without let.
51 For in the fury of my might will I destroy them, saith the Lord, if they are in the midst of Babylon the Great, and cease not from their iniqu ity and turn t h eir face unto me and cry unto me for deliverance therefrom.
52 They, meaning this nation, which I did raise up by the hands of my servants Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others whom I did raise up for this purpose, which men, saith the Lord , this nation, yea, even the inhabitants of the land o f this present generation in their cowardice and meaness, and hatred of all that is good and right, would no longer sustain in the statesmanship thereof, for did they not take up the cry and cast out my servant Richard from the Presidency thereof?
53 For where is the mean man, saith the Lord, when it is that I shall come in my glory, with them who be with me, who are warriors, full of the fury and might of the God of Elijah, Enoch and Moses?  The Revelations of Jesus Christ, Section 1