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"Brain-Farts" from Mr. Hale (evolutionist, cultural Mormon)

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Discussion of probable apostasy and duplicity of Matt.  Failure to pay tithing and neglecting of duties are "fruits"--By their fruits ye shall know them, saith the Lord.  Those who think they can slide by, and dupe the Priesthood are uniformly detected.  Then Mr. Van Hale, evolutionist, distorter-in-chief, as it were, called in with variouis lies and slanders concerning myself. one of which being that I did not adhere to and believe in the Doctrine and Covenants! This was pronounced by Mr. Hale after I read a recent revelation received by myself on modern Pharasaism in the Mormon Church, with Mr. Hale being the archetype. Hale then proceeded to filibuster, not allowing interaction unless his volume was turned down. This was in order for Jimmy and I to speak at all.  Hale defended Bruce Metzger, liberal theologian and textual critic from Princeton, after I had declared these were basically anti-Christs who have the agenda of discrediting the authority of the Bible by questioning authorship, writing styles, etc.  Guessing, and speculation in short.  Brain fart: he denied this applied to Bruce Metger and the proceeded from his reading of the same, to question the Book of Hebrews, and Revelation as being valid parts of the canon using Metzger as validation for this point of view!  Amazing!  The temerity of simultaneously speaking out of both sides of one's mouth is truely astounding, and then denying there is any logical fallacy or problem with this posture.  Mr. Hale so much as says: "Who ya gonna belive, your lying ears, or me?"