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Common Delusion of Each Generation

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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A foppish caller into Van Hale program to contradict me, quoted a source (unkown) which said that modern authority takes precedence over all other authority, living or dead, even if this contradicts all others. Because this generation, it was said, is in possession of the most light and knowledge. Therefore they are free to contradict Brigham Young, because he was a knuckle dragging bigot, etc. "The law and the testimony" of former prophets, contained in the Bible, Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, because of this "modernism" is therefore to be ignored. This program was spent in rebuking this foppish attitude (the caller was manifestly effeminate).  A quote:  "Every generation has flattered itself that it is a little better than the one that preceded it. Every generation has prided itself in its knowledge and great advancement in the arts and sciences and its superiority over preceding generations; yet the power of the adversary and his hatred of righteousness and truth are as great to-day as they ever were since the creation of the earth.(George Q. Cannon, Journal of Discourses, 26 vols., 11:, p.229)

Actually, mankind has degenerated from the physical, spiritual and intellectual superiority of the Ancients who were "mighty men in the earth" and "lived to the age of a tree..."

9 For this man, saith the Lord, I did make
large in stature like unto them of old, who were
mighty men in the earth, and strong of sinew
and bone and whose constitution, saith the
Lord, was mighty that they did live unto the
age of a tree in the life thereof and because of
the constitution of that body which I the Lord
God did give unto them, they did stave off
death, and this because of their righteousness
before me.  RJC, Section 6