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Sexual Relations of Resurrected Beings

  • Broadcast in Religion
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Resurrected beings are flesh and bones, but veins not inhabited by blood as the action of life, but a different medium, light, in varying degrees of glory, depending on whether celestial resurrection, terrestrial, or telestial bodies, saith the Lord. Michael ordained to the office of Adam by the Ancients (Eloheim, or Council of the Gods, among whom were our Grandfather and his, Adam's Jehovah). Wicked and rebellious separate and single forever, thus damned. Only those partaking of the New and Everlasting Covenant renewed upon Art Bulla as the medium of the Lord in effecting this covenant through the holy spirit of promise, are allowed to propagate in eternity. Adam obeyed his master or Lord (his Jehovah) on the planet on which he was born, therefore was resurrected along with his wives, with which he lived in glory and grandeur, and begat beautiful spirit children. The firstbegotten being the Only Begotten for this earth, Jesus the Christ was the firstbegotten in the spirit world by Adam. Adam in a translated state in which blood is the medium of life in his body after the fall, visited Mary and begat Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten son of the Father, who is Adam). 7th Chapter of Daniel has been fulfilled to the letter and will be fulfilled. Ancient of Days is Adam. Dominion to be given to the Saints of the Most High. Beast with ten horns is Rome, the ten horns are ten European nations coming out of Rome. "Horn more stout than its fellows", saith the Lord, is United State, which "wore out the Saints of the Most High (Mormons), getting them to change times and laws, thus wearing them out, so that the Priesthood has gone presently into the wilderness of the Baja.