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The Manifesto a Revelation?

  • Broadcast in Religion
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Van Hale called in and we debated from the perspective of our world views which are in collision. He did not believe the testimonies born, whereas I know they are true concerning the suspension of polygamy by manifesto: "a lie to beat the devil at his own game". Many general authorities continued to seal and be sealed after the manifesto of 1890 including Joseph F. Smith who had five wives in 1903 and would send couples to Mexico to be sealed. Anthony W. Ivins sealed many of these. Debate between Charles Zitting and Athony W. Ivins concerning this read over the air: From that debate: "After Pres. Ivins had told me that, he said to me, `You don't mean to infer that it is right to live plural marriage today, do you?' "I answered, `I certainly do, Brother Ivins.' He then closed and locked his outside door, also the door leading into Pres. Grant's office, so we wouldn't be disturbed. "As he was doing this I offered up a prayer for spiritual help and the Spirit said to me, `Stick to facts and the Word of God and all will be well,' "Brother Ivins commenced by saying, `Don't you know that a manifesto was passed in 1890 to do away with plural marriage?' I answered that I was well acquainted with the Manifesto and asked him if it was a revelation from God. "He exclaimed, `No, I wish it was and then we would have something on which to handle such men as you when you come up here!' I then told him if I was wrong in any of the statements I should make in our conversation that I wished to be corrected as I wanted nothing but the truth. "I then said, `Brother Ivins, what is the one big difference between the foundation of our church and the foundation of all other churches?' "I continued, `Now Brother Ivins, as you know, the foundation of all other churches is based on man-made laws...The foundation of our church is revelation from God, while the foundation of all other churches is man-made laws with their man-made imperfections and weaknesses.