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Why the Mormons Are No Longer Persecuted

  • Broadcast in Religion
Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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The reason persecution ceases, is that when a person or body of persons becomes part of the devil's kingdom, the devil does not operate against himself. "A house divided against itself cannot stand", Jesus said. "If ye live godly in Christ Jesus, ye shall suffer persecution." Paul. God never condescends to persecution. "The reason is that attacking the historicity of the Book of Mormon cannot be understood as defending Joseph Smith's prophetic truth claims. But Vogel is correct in claiming that there are some who want to deny the claims upon which that faith rests and yet still appear to remain within the Church. And he finds it advantageous to appear to be setting forth opinions that fall well within the legitimate range of scholarly opinions on Mormon issues. What Vogel has not demonstrated is that his stance involves more than a murky sentimentalism or a confidence game aimed at accomplishing covertly what has not been done directly-namely, eradicating by radical transformation the faith resting on Joseph Smith's prophetic claims. In an effort to explain his stance, Vogel claims that "for various reasons an increasing number of faithful Mormons are suggesting that it may be possible to question the Book of Mormon's historicity and yet maintain a belief in its sacred and inspired nature." No doubt some on the fringes of the Mormon community deny the historicity of the Book of Mormon and yet allow portions of it to be somehow "inspiring." But can that be done coherently?" Monte Nyman describing Van-Hale-like wolves in sheep's clothing, more concerned about gaining popularity in the world, and thus receiving no more persecutions from them as in the days of Brigham Young and Joseph. These hold the balance of power in the Church today, and thus the Church as a body is apostate, except for the humble followers of Christ, and thus the devil does not persecute his own dominion. Fools! Blind! False testators. Liars, Hypocrites, Imposters.