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The Everlasting Gospel Preached Unto Abraham

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Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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Abraham lived with Noah and Shem who is Melchizedek for 39 years before destroying the idols of his father, Terah: "6 And Abram was in Noah's house thirty-nine years, and Abram knew the Lord from three years old, and he went in the ways of the Lord until the day of his death, as Noah and his son Shem had taught him; and all the sons of the earth in those days greatly transgressed against the Lord, and they rebelled against him and they served other gods, and they forgot the Lord who had created them in the earth; and the inhabitants of the earth made unto themselves, at that time, every man his god; gods of wood and stone which could neither speak, hear, nor deliver, and the sons of men served them and they became their gods. 7 And the king and all his servants, and Terah with all his household were then the first of those that served gods of wood and stone. Book of Jasher, Chapter IX. 11 And Adonizedek (Melchizedek) king of Jerusalem, the same was Shem, went out with his men to meet Abram and his people, with bread and wine (Sacrament), and they remained together in the valley of Melech. 12 And Adonizedek blessed Abram, and Abram gave him a tenth from all that he had brought from the spoil of his enemies, for Adonizedek was a priest before God. Ibid, XIX JST Gen 14:17-20,37-39 17 And Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought forth bread and wine; and he break bread and blest it; and he blest the wine, he being the priest of the most high God, 18 And he gave to Abram, and he blessed him, and said, Blessed Abram, thou art a man of the most high God, possessor of heaven and of earth; 19 And blessed is the name of the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thine hand. 20 And Abram gave him tithes of all he had taken. 37... and he blessed Abram, being the high priest, and the keeper of the storehouse of God; 38 Him whom God had appointed to receive tithes for the poor. 39 Wherefore, Abram paid unto him tithes of all that he had...