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HOW Do We Create Our Own Reality? and What Does That Really Mean?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Nancy Wait

Nancy Wait


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Excepts from David Icke’s Infinite Love is the Only Truth; Everything Else is Illusion: (sub-title: Exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real) “The brain creates ‘physical’ reality by decoding electrical signals into a 3D holographic illusion. This is done through the visual cortex on one level, but the whole brain is involved because it is a hologram.” “Our eyes only transform light into electrical signals that are constantly delivered to the brain for interpretation. This ‘visible light’ is confined to a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is, itself, on 0.005 per cent of the matter / energy in the known universe. It is within this minuscule frequency range that we decode ‘light’ into ‘physical’ reality. The eyes don’t send images to the brain of three-dimensional street scenes or forests or children playing in the park, or anything else that we think we are seeing outside of us. They send electrical signals. Only when the brain decodes these signals into an apparent 3D reality does the world we believe is ‘around’ us actually exist. There is no world ‘around’ us as we perceive it; every is all happening in our brains, or at least at one level of the illusion it is.” David Icke's book provides some of the best material I've come across to help us understand how we are perceiving the so-called "reality" around us. We will be looking at excerpts from his book while we engage in a discussion and invite callers to participate.