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    The Ink Spot Radio Show(Open Mic Nite ) With- IndigoSoul

    in Poetry

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wordemup/2016/06/19/the-ink-spot-radio-showopen-mic-nite-with-indigosoul *****TONIGHT AT 10PM!***** YESSS......Ladies and Gentlemen, We will be LIVE! (Peep the video below) The Ink Spot Radio Show(Open Mic Nite)-Hosted By:IndigoSoul Saturday June 18th 2016 ~Showtime~ 10pm E/9pm C/8pm M/7pm P Call in LIVE @ 646-787-8428 All are welcomed to drop by and recite something! Recite a poem, promote your work, give a shout out, tell a story, kick a freestyle, or just come kick it with your girlie! *Stay tuned for the InkSpot "After After Show"(Via Facebook Live) SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE SENDING IN THEIR SPOKEN WORD AUDIOS!

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    My Life Along the Long Island Expressway

    in Books

    Milka Torbarina,  author and physician, talks about her journey to becoming and M.D. and beyond. 
    Her message is 'Never give up", and her story is the result of never giving up. Mikla is currently residing in New York where she grew up. 

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    Modern Yacht and Aircraft Interiors

    in Design

    Hello Everyone! and welcome back to this weeks segment. Tonight we're discussing yacht and aircraft interiors! How exciting and quite fantabulous I should add! Wow, creating that  home away from home and leisure time can be very engaging. Yacht interiors have come a long way from your traditional wood finishes to the modernistic and futuristic fiberglass and steel finishes. Also aircraft interiors offer special customization with incorporating that into the space and making it aesthetically pleasing and appealing as well. So tune in with us tonight as we provide exciting design ideas and concepts for leisure and relaxation.
    See Ya There!

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    Music Legend Nile Rodgers & Roz Geller on Conversations

    in Art

    At the top of the show host Cyrus Webb talks with Nile Rodgers about his amazing muisc career and his book LE FREAK. At 45 min. past the hour host Cyrus Webb welcomes artist Roz Geller to Conversations LIVE to discuss her artistic journey and what she hopes people of all ages follow their passion in life.

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    Learn How to Activate and Release God's Power to Heal! with Randy Clark

    in Art

    Every Christian has been sent and empowered by Jesus to heal the sick. The problem is that many of us don’t know how to practically complete this task. We either think that miraculous healing has passed away, that the healing ministry is only available to special leaders, or that God simply picks and chooses who He decides to heal.
    International evangelist, teacher and apostolic voice, Randy Clark, gives you Bible-based tools that will help you start praying for the sick… and see them supernaturally healed!
    Through his book and curriculu, Power to Heal, you’ll learn how to:
    Receive and share words of knowledge for healing Pray with authority to release God’s power Keep ministering to people when they don’t instantly get healed Use the five-step prayer model Step out, take risks and watch God do the miraculous Discover the amazing truth about supernatural healing—that God wants to use you to release His miraculous power today!
    About Randy Clark
    Randy Clark is the President and Founder of Global Awakening. Established in 1994, Global Awakening is an apostolic ministry that aims to equip the body of Christ through ministry schools, training programs, conferences and international missions trips. Through his ministry, Randy has seen tens of thousands healed and brought to salvation.

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    Structure for Longform Nonfiction presented by Lee Gutkind - LIVE from CNFWC '16

    in Writing

    Last year Creative Nonfiction Magazine and Behind the Prose teamed up to bring you special excerpts from the amazing 2016 Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference (CNFWC).  (Remember Lee Gutkind’s feature panel on how Law and Order teaches story structure to creative nonfiction writers?)
    This year, if you couldn't join us in Pittsburgh, PA from May 27 – 29, we hooked you up with the chance to listen live via a special Behind the Prose episode.
    Here is an excerpt from the master class Structure for Longform Nonfiction presented by Lee Gutkind.
    Whether you’re writing a memoir, a journalistic book, or a longform essay or article, this class will explore options for structure in longer works.
    ABOUT LEE GUTKIND Lee Gutkind is the founder and editor of Creative Nonfiction and a professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University. Even before he was spotlighted in Vanity Fair in 1997 as “the Godfather behind creative nonfiction,” he was the genre's most active advocate and practitioner. He has written and edited nonfiction books about subjects as varied as motorcycle subculture, child and adolescent mental illness, baseball umpires, veterinary medicine, and organ transplantation. His most recent book is You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: The Complete Guide to Writing Creative Nonfiction—from Memoir to Literary Journalism and Everything in Between.

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    Episode #044: Era of the Comic Book Movie - 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

    in Books

    After two months since Zack Snyder's film 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' starring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Londyn, this week's awesome host and producer / engineer Mason Booker and guest Shadow Adam finally dive into a SPOILER FILLED review! I discuss major comic book influences, DC Comics Easter Eggs and everything in between breaking down this DCEU film and what's to come in this future cinematic universe. All on this exciting episode of History of the Batman with Londyn! Presented by Meltdown Comics!
    Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.
    Engineered by Mason Booker
    Theme music by ROYALTYFREEMUSIC
    Logo design by Hannah Nance Partlow, hannahnance.com

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    Anthony- nominated writer Joe Clifford & his brilliant new book "December Boys"

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes back to the studio, author Joe Clifford. Joe Clifford is acquisitions editor for Gutter Books, managing editor of The Flash Fiction Offensive, and producer of Lip Service West, a "gritty, real, raw" reading series in Oakland, CA. He is the author of Choice Cuts, Junkie Love, Wake the Undertaker, and Lamentation, as well as editor of  Trouble in the Heartland: Crime Stories Based on the Songs of Bruce Springsteen. Joe's way more than that little bunch of words. He is an extraordiary writer with a keen mind,with  an MFA from FIU North and a husband and father of 2 boys he adores.  Last year, Authors on the Air honored him with Best Book of 2015, for LAMENTATION. DECEMBER BOYS is on our short list for book of the year 2016.  Jay Porter, is investigating an accident claim when he learns the teenager behind the wheel was arrested for minor drug possession and sentenced to a hardcore behavioral modification center. At the county courthouse, Jay meets Nicki, a young college intern, who tips him off to a possible scandal—first-time juvenile offenders being shipped to private institutions for political kickbacks. He learns that long-time family nemeses, Adam and Michael Lombardi, may have a stake in the scheme. Is Jay’s mission to help these kids a legitimate crusade? Or is his thirst for revenge driven by the guilt he feels over his own junkie brother’s death? These questions conspire to tear apart tranquility and drive a wedge between Jay and his wife Jenny.Jay finds himself thrust back into a past he had hoped to leave behind, putting everything—and everyone he loves—at risk in pursuit of the truth. This podcast is trademarked & copyrighted and owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    Author John Luckey on Write Now Radio!

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT
    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)
    Viki Winterton interviews John Luckey! 
    Dr. John Luckey is a third-generation California native living and practicing dentistry in Southern California's wine country. He graduated from Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 1981. He is a father to six children--two girls and four boys--and grandpa to eight: seven boys and one girl. Besides his interest in science, John is an accomplished pilot and athlete with interests from martial arts and weight lifting to tennis and backpacking. He plans to build a unique resort spa and wellness center with a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness.
    In his bestseller, In Search of a Quantum God, John shares the results on his personal search for a Quantum God through science and its codes, clues and statistical probabilities that first life was designed and put in motion at the Big Bang by an all-powerful energy source… or …

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    RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "TAG TEAM 2*4*5" introducing 4 new RRBC members!

    in Books

    Welcome to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB'S BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "TAG TEAM 2*4*5," where Co-Hosts Bill Ward and John W. Howell, are joined by new member AUTHORS: Staci Troilo, Tyler Bumpus, Brenda Taylor, and Brent J. Griffiths. Join us as we become better acquainted with some of the newest additions to our family, and their books.
    This segment of TAG TEAM 2*4*5 is sponsored by Nonnie Jules, the author of "THE GOOD MOMMIES' GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS."
    If you would like to know you can get your own recorded commercial to air during one of our shows, please visit the RRBC site.

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    By the fireplace welcomes author Jesse Teller

    in Books

    This week on By The Fireplace we welcome author Jesse Teller.  Jesse Teller is the author of "Liefdom: A Tale from Perilisc".  Join us as we discuss this book-which seems destined to become a best-seller.
    Liefdom is the story of Gentry Mandrake. Born with natural weapons in a race known for pacifism, he is cast out and hated for his differences. He hunts for a place among his people, while fighting to defend the human child bound to him. His violent nature makes him wonder at the purity of his soul, while the dark creatures he must face seem too great to defeat. Can he overcome such terrible foes to defend those he loves?

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