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    Transformed by Grief

    in Art

    with Dianne Gray and Alicia Copolla.

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    Join us on the Art Of War Network Show with host Earl Simmons, and his guest Marcus Sharp, on the dicussion of how to help the brothers, and sisters who are coming out of prison to learn to get a new, and constructive start going for their life. On Monday, March 30, 2015, at 8:00 P.M. Est., until 10:00 P.M. Est. Call us at 1-347-857-3470, with any questions, or comments that you might have. You may want to listen in, or visit us online at www.blogtalkradio.com. Enjoy the show.
    in Art
    Monday at 8:00 pm

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    Cook | Eat | Live Ep2 - Previously Recorded

    in Art

    Previously recorded podcast
    More from Chef Tiffani about food and life

  • 00:57

    Conversation with Mr. Whitney-Abstract Artist and Sometimes Comedian

    in Art

    Brooklyn born Whitney Warden will be my guest on next week's "Segments from Saffron". Whitney is an abstract artist and sometimes comedian. We will be discussing his new catalog, art, and current events. Good stuff as always!!!

  • 01:00

    GSS42X - Once upon a Vidder

    in Art

    On this show we will be conducting a interview with You Tube Vidder Gss42x. She has been vidding for quite some time and has been lately focused mostly on the "Once upon a time" fandom. However this vidder caught my eye with her flawless Dark Night Video "Close to you" and her Pacific Rim Shipping Videos. Gss42x has a real talent for ship videos. We will be asking her about her process and what it's like to make vids.
    GSS42x You Tube Channel

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    Type 1 Radio Lounge NewsBong So Long BTR

    in Art

    Yup the end is in sight for shit audio and ting,Join us on the wings of change as we file for divorce.

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    Listing 3 movies.

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    Test: 123 who what why

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    yea yea yea

    in Art

    turn uo have fun live your lif

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    Call with Madisonstar Moon

    in Art

    A talk with Amanda Williams

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