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  • 02:57

    Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report 1/11/17

    in News

    Guest Hours 1-2: Steve Quayle, Eric Talman and Alex Wilson
    Guest Hour 3: Pastor David Lankford, The Voice of Evangelism
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  • 01:18

    NFL playoffs, Alabama/Clemson prospects, position needs for Arizona Cardinals

    in Football

    The NFL playoffs are going on, but the Arizona Cardinals are not in them, meaning watching them seems a little empty. In the newest edition of Rise Up, See Red, hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox discuss the wild card games from a Cardinals perspective -- how the Cardinals were better than some of the team who were out there.
    Then they talk about the thrilling College Football Playoff championship game and all the great future NFL talent both on Alabama and Clemson. Which of the players impressed and would look good playing for the Cardinals next season? Could any of those players be the pick at No. 13 in this year's draft?
    Finally, it is all Cardinals. They go over each position and what the need is for the team moving forward in the offseason. 
    Listen and enjoy! This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron, sending fresh food and recipes to your doorstep at a reasonable price to make quality home-cooked meals. Get your first three meals free and free shipping following this link!

  • 02:31

    RHAPpy Hour | Nicole Franzel | Big Brother 18 Retrospective

    in Television

    Jordan and Taran Armstrong are joined by Nicole Franzel (BB16, BB18) to break down her game week by week during her time in the Big Brother 18 house. After talking about Nicole's preparation before entering the house for a second time they get into:
    How well she had known Paulie prior to playing with him What it was like to work with Frank early on How she managed to get back on track following Zakiyah's eviction in Week 7 The subtle move she made to convince Natalie to flip on Paul and Victor Her response to people who don't believe she was worthy of the win And much more! Subscribe to the RHAPpy Hour to make sure you never miss an episode!
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  • 01:34

    PWTorch Livecast - WWE Raw post-game show hosted by Wade Keller & Pat McNeill

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill as they discuss Monday Night Raw as soon as it concluded. Topics included the Jimmy Snuka tribute video and if it went too far in light of his murder charges and all, Brock Lesnar's participation in the show relative to the hype he received, the Vince McMahon annual tradition of paying tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., the Titus-New Day segment, the Bayley-Charlotte, segment, Cruiserweights, Kurt Angle Hall of Fame announcement, more.

  • 01:22

    Bachelor 21 Episode 2 | Group Dates Expose Corinne's Boobs & Liz's Past

    in Television

    Amy and Haley recap The Bachelor Season 20 Episode 2, as Nick Viall goes on a wedding and break-up themed group dates and a one on one date with Danielle M. 
    In this podcast, they talk about:
    The wedding photo group date with Sarah, Danielle L, Taylor, Elizabeth W, Corinne, Alexis, Lacey, Vanessa, Raven, Hailey, Brittany, Jasmine G, and Taylor Corinne taking her top off in the pool to stand out from Brittany's revealing costume and Taylor's connection with him Corinne and Taylor interrupting each other's alone time with Nick Franco the Bachelor photographer Corinne winning the group date rose Liz telling Christen about her secret past, meeting and hooking up with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding Danielle M's one-on-one date with on a yacht with a hot tub Danielle M. discussing her tragic past the Museum of Broken Relationships date with Christen, Astrid, Josephine, Jamie, Kristina, and Liz Liz's "break-up" with Nick Jaimi revealing her past girlfriend Nick avoiding Liz and finally having the conversation with her, and choosing to eliminate her Predictions for how this will play out with the other women and more! Amy and Haley provide an update of Draft Scores and answer listener questions. Follow Scorekeeper George on Twitter (@GeorgeCTV) for full draft point details.
    Follow Amy (@RHAPrecapper) and Haley (@hstrong_) on Twitter and share your thoughts in the comments!
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  • 01:35

    Donald L. Zyguits: The Sagan Conspiracy

    in History

    NASA's untold plot to suppress the people's scientist's theroy of Ancient Aliens
    “We assume that there exists in the galaxy a loosely integrated community of diverse civilizations, cooperating in the exploration and sampling of astronomical objects and their inhabitants….It follows that there is the statistical likelihood that Earth was visited by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization at least once during historical times.” —Carl Sagan, Direct Contact Among Galactic Civilizations by Relativistic Interstellar Spaceflight
    ?Mainstream SETI scientists and ancient alien theorists don’t agree on much, but one opinion they share is that the undisputed authority on the possibility of alien existence was the late Carl Sagan (1934—1996), whose voluminous writings on the subject have had a profound influence on ETI research. But how many Carl Sagan fans know that while the renowned scientist was at Stanford University, he produced a controversial paper, funded by a NASA research grant, that concludes ancient alien intervention may have sparked human civilization?  Recently rediscovered by the author, Sagan’s lost Stanford paper is the central theme of The Sagan Conspiracy. Groundbreaking research and paradigm-changing material challenges conventional thinking about the People’s Scientist—and maybe even the origins of human society. Sagan even conceived of the likelihood that the ancient Sumerian civilization had been visited and influenced by beings from other worlds as evidenced by ancient manuscripts, among other artifacts.
    Donald L. Zygutis is a graduate of Corban University and has 40 years of experience investigating and analyzing the life and work of Carl Sagan as a leading skeptic and ETI theorist. Zygutis resides in Bend, Oregon.

  • 01:49

    Episode 367 - "First Base Preview"

    in Sports

    1. Twitter questions
    2. First Base preview
    3. NL Wesr Prospects

  • 01:42

    Paul Dean, NORAD's UFO Files

    in Paranormal

    Open Minds UFO Radio: Paul Dean is an Australian who has been uncovering U.S. military secrets via the Freedom of Information Act. Although the U.S. government claims they have not been investigating UFOs since the close of the U.S. Air Force’s official UFO study, Project Blue Book, government records show otherwise. What has been difficult to track is who is collecting these reports and where are they going?
    One of the places we know they have been going to is North American Radar Defense (NORAD). NORAD has denied having any UFO files. However, UFO researchers have discovered that NORAD's claims are not accurate. There are in fact UFO files in NORAD files, including instructions for radar operators on how to deal with UFOs. In this interview, we talk to Paul about these files and their discovery.
    For more about Paul’s work, visit: ufos-documenting-the-evidence.blogspot.com.au

  • 00:19

    Andrew Hoffman--Where's Trumpflation? #3412

    in Finance

    What's really happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:
    Is "Trump-flation" about to be refuted? -"inflation" vs. "deflation" -today's soon-to-be-published article, "2.5% - 'Nuff said?" Imminent Yuan devaluation? Have PMs again bottomed in December? Draconian Chinese Bitcoin raids Etc.

  • 01:03

    Episode 366: Is it Time for a General Staff?

    in Military

    The 1980s might be getting some of its foreign policy back - but why is our entire defense framework in the second-half of the second decade of the 21st Century based around ideas forged when the Chrysler K-car was still a young platform?
    Is our present system creating the conditions for our uniformed senior leadership to forge the best path for our military to support national security requirements?
    Our guest for the full hour is returning to Midrats to discuss this and more; M.L. Cavanaugh. 
    Matt and is a US Army Strategist with global experience in assignments ranging from the Pentagon to Korea and Iraq to his current post at US Army Space and Missile Defense Command. He’s a Non Resident Fellow with the Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point, where he provides regular commentary and analysis. He’s also a contributor to War on the Rocks, and Matt’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, and at ForeignPolicy.com, among other publications. After graduating from West Point in 2002, he earned his Master’s degree at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and is currently at work on a PhD dissertation on supreme command under Professor Emeritus Colin Gray at the University of Reading (UK). You can find more on Matt at MLCavanaugh.com and he can be reached via Twitter @MLCavanaugh. 

  • 04:35

    Special Report: The Thing (1982)

    in Film

    Special Guests: John Kenneth Muir, Jez Conolly, Dean Cundey, Joel Polis, Thomas G. Waites Guest Co-Hosts: El Goro, Patrick Bromley Initially lambasted by critics, John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) was a brilliant adaptation of John W. Campbell's novella Who Goes There?. The film tells the story of a dozen men in Antarctica who are infiltrated by an alien shapeshifter. Interviews include authors John Kenneth Muir (The Films of John Carpenter), Jez Conolly (Devil’s Advocates: The Thing), actors Joel Polis (Fuchs), Thomas G. Waites (Windows), and cinematographer Dean Cundey. Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast and El Goro of the Talk Without Rhythm podcast join Mike on this very special episode. Links: Buy The Thing on Blu-Ray Buy The Films of John Carpenter by John Kenneth Muir Buy Devil's Advocates: The Thing by Jez Connelly Buy The Thing (BFI Modern Classics) by Anne Billson Visit Stuart Cohen's website