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  • Wanda's Picks Radio Show

    in Art

    This is a black arts and culture site. We will be exploring the African Diaspora via the writing, performance, both musical and theatrical (film and stage), as well as the visual arts of Africans in the Diaspora and those influenced by these aesthetic forms of expression. I am interested in the political and social ramifications of art on society, specifically movements supported by these artists and their forebearers. It is my claim that the artists are the true revolutionaries, their work honest and filled with raw unedited passion. They are our true heroes. Ashay!

  • The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Author Marcus Hammonds 'chats' with me about his new book, God, Technology & Us: How Our Digital Life Affects Our Faith
    About the book:
    God, Technology, & Us is an eye-opening and intriguing analysis of how we all use personal technology and the implications that behavior has for our relationship with God. This timely, thought-provoking book sheds light for Christians struggling to deal with the feelings of distraction and disconnection that can be brought about by digital living. Fortune 100 Innovation Strategist and Christian Educator Marcus Hammonds looks at how we use digital tools, such as social media, smartphones, and the Internet, and contrasts that with the behavior of individuals in the biblical narrative. With the Bible as his guide, Hammonds diagnoses the heart of our issues with technology. He then offers suggestions for how we can change our relationship with technology for the sake of our worship of God.
    About the author:
    Marcus Hammonds is a Fortune 100 innovation strategist and trained Christian educator. For more than a decade, he has helped consumer product companies figure out both where the world is headed, and what new products will we need when we get there. Also an accomplished engineer and inventor, Marcus also holds several US and international patents.   


    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes our guest host for this evening's NOIR ON THE AIR live reading event, crime fiction author MICHAEL POOL.  Guest readers for tonight's NOIR ON THE AIR throw-down include Sarah M. Chen, Joe Clifford, Danny Gardener, Tom Pitts,  Rob Pierce,  Anonymous-9, and Mike Monson. Each of these authors will be reading from their own unique brand of noir, flash-fiction style.
    About the host: Michael Pool's crime/noir novella, Debt Crusher, will be released by All Due Respect Books on January 1, 2016. A collection of his short fiction, New Alleys for Nothing Men, is also due outMarch 1, 2016, which includes stories published in magazines such as Thuglit, All Due Respect, Out of the Gutter, Heater Magazine, Urban Graffiti, and others. Michael is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Crime Syndicate Magazine, and the local organizer for the Noir at the Bar Seattle live reading series. Online at www.michaelpool.net.
    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.


    in Books

    Just about every author knows that there are specific guidelines for submitting a manuscript or proposal to an agent or publisher. The question arises, how do you follow the current best writing practices and still appeal to the reader? What goes into deciding if your story line is one that will sell? You might conceive something that you feel is brilliant, but will others?
    Between Conrad and hosts Dennis N. Griffin and Eric James Miller they have more than 30 books in publication. They have been around the block and are happy to share what they learned along the way. Even if you are a seasoned author, this show is for you. 

  • Rising star author Mike Prater joins us live!

    in Books

    We are absolutely thrilled to have Mike Prater join us live!   He will be discussing his book as well as taking questions from audience members who call in.  If you haven't read a copy of his book yet-you are in for a real treat!   Available in kindle and paperback here: http://goo.gl/fL2FSZ

  • Author and Psychic Mary T. Browne on Karma and The Rules of Thought

    in Art

    How do you negotiate with karma, and how do you use your mind to get what you want? Join us as internationally renowned author and psychic Mary T. Browne talks about choice, focus, visualization, and the hereafter.
    Mary T. Browne is an internationally renowned psychic, prominent writer, noted lecturer, and ordained minister. She's been counseling people for over 30 years. Many of her clients refer to her as their psychic life coach. Her clientele includes CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, senior executives of financial institutions, prominent attorneys, renowned doctors, award winning producers, actors, journalists, and personalities from television, radio, film, fashion and music as well as people from all walks of life. Many consult with her year after year. She is the author of Love in Action, Fireside Books 1990, Simon and Schuster, Life after Death, Ballantine/Ivy 1994, The Power of Karma, William Morrow 2002 and The 5 Rules of Thought: How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Get What You Want, Atria, 2007. Mary T. has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Psychology Today, American Health, Worth, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Mademoiselle, Manhattan Inc., as well as in The New York Times and many newspapers.
    In addition to having appeared on The Willis Report, Larry King Live, Fox & Friends, Good Day New York, Good Morning America Now, CNN, CBS and NBC, she's been a guest on over 400 radio shows. She was featured in Frank Perry’s documentary, Across the Bridge. Paul Schrader based the psychic character in his film Light Sleeper on her. Mary T. has taught and lectured in Los Angeles, Scotland, San Miguel, Mexico, New York City, and other cities across the United States. Mary T. Browne lives in New York City, where her private practice is based.

  • Interview with Crystal Marcos for Novus, The Cresecren Chronicles

    in Books

    Ideal for Hunger Games and Divergent fans, Crystal Marcos delivers Novus, a riveting novel set in a dystopian future of action-adventure, suspense, and romance. Intriguing characters and a gripping storyline keep the reader turning page after page.  Being a teenager is hard enough. And what if your life's path is predetermined? On top of that, you aren't even Human?  Cayden was given life as a Cresecren. He expected to live out his days with the dysfunctional Human family he was assigned to serve. One fateful night, however, landed him in Gavaron, the home of maimed, elderly, or defiant Cresecren.  Beyond its borders is the Den, an area much more dangerous than he ever imagined. Now seventeen, Cayden unwittingly becomes involved in a conspiracy and is one of a handful of survivors fleeing a deadly attack. They set off on a perilous journey in search of refuge and the truth. Along the way, Cayden begins to comprehend the difference between fully living and merely surviving, while trying to balance his emotions and a forbidden love.

  • Veterans Portrait Project with Stacy L. Pearsall

    in Photography

    VET PORTRAITS; Veterans Portrait Project with Stacy L.Pearsall
    Some are smiling. Others gaze at a distant point. All are veterans. The Veterans Portrait Project (VPP) began while Stacy Pearsall recovered from combat injuries sustained in Iraq. Spending hours in VA waiting rooms surrounded by veterans from every generation and branch of service, Pearsall was compelled to honor and thank them in the only way she knows how, photography. The Veterans Portrait Project totals 3,000 veterans and grows daily.
    Stacy L. Pearsall is an award-winning American photographer. She first entered combat as a photographer in Iraq in 2003. She spent 280 days covering humanitarian relief missions and covering Special Forces operations. Her images were used by the President, Secretary of Defense, and Joint Chiefs of Staff to make informed decisions in the battle space. Pearsall served as a military photographer in the United States Air Force until her wounds lead to her medical discharge. Since her retirement Pearsall has worked as a professional photographer.
    For more information visit: http://veteransportraitproject.com/

  • Metalsmith Benchtalk with Gemologist John

    in Art

    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 3:00 PM PST is award-winning jewelry designer and gem cutter, gemologist John Heusler. 
    If you have questions for John during the LIVE conversation, please join the chat room at Blogtalkradio.com or send a message to Whaley Studios via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 
    John F. Heusler, G. G. (GIA) is a gemologist, jewelry designer, and lapidary who has been cutting gems and making jewelry for over 45 years. He is an award-winning designer for both his jewelry design and gem cutting. He owned and operated a fine jewelry store in St. Louis, MO, for 31 years. John has a Facebook page, Heusler Academy, where he shows his newest creations. He teaches classes in jewelry design, lapidary, and carving gemstones. John has traveled to locations all over the world to collect gems. He digs many of his own gemstones which he cuts and sells online, at fine art shows, and at gem and mineral shows. His newest discoveries are Jessite and Kaily Agate, which are named after his two daughters Jessica and Kaily. He has written "how-to" tutorials and in-depth articles for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist on both gems that were featured in 2014.

  • On Why Yet's Watch with Cedric the Author

    in Books

    Cedric Lewis is a native of Greenville, South Carolina, who turned his life around after being incarcerated and became an author. In 1999, Cedric read his first novel, True 2 Da Game by Terri Woods. But it was Wahida Clark's novel, Thugs and the Women Who Love Them, that inspired Cedric to write his own novel. Those two novels encouraged Cedric to reflect on his life, living in the projects among bank robbers, drug dealers and users, gang bangers, murderers and ghetto superstars. Being a product of the streets and living a lifestyle with only two possible outcomes, prison or death, Cedric's life was snatched away by the State agency at fourteen. While incarcerated, he worked hard to turn his life around and give others hope. Cedric's journey is a testament that when one door closes, another door will open up and no matter how many times you stumble, dust yourself off and try again.
    Join me, Why Yet, as I sit down and chat with Cedric the author and discover his inspiration for turning his life around. Call # 773-897-629


    in Books

    Even through her own struggles, Ami Ahuja has never lost the ability to remain optimistic and increase the positivity in her life. She now wants to share 8 of her most impactful tips to help others jump-start their own happiness. Ami uses the acronym UMBRELLA to teach key insights, from Understanding and Managing to Learning and Attracting. And, while Ami continually strives to reach new goals and new heights personally and professionally, one vision remains a constant for her: empower others to achieve their own dreams in life. Live Positively with Ami’s Umbrella – 8 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Happiness provides guidance to do just that.
    Ami Ahuja is a wife and mother, entreprenuer, sales coach and the organizer of a woman’s journey with a little over 880 members and growing. Ami loves spending time with her children, teaching them the best of Indian & American culture.  She has worked in retail & sales since 1995 and together with her husband Sonny, both managed their own trade shows in Chicago, New Orleans, Gatlinburg, Vegas & Memphis and own stores in malls & e commerce websites. Ami was chosen “Mrs. Milwaukee 2011″ Runner Up at Mrs. Wisconsin 2011. She was awarded People’s Choice Best Photogenic at Mrs. WI 2011.

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