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  • Single Mom's Club.

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    I'm raising funds this year, to purchase a facility in the Atlanta Area. Its my dream to open a 24 hour food pantry and community resource center for struggling single mothers. I also wanted to help the working mothers, with gas gifts cards and clothing vouchers for work. I'm a published Children's Book Author, 10% of all my book sales this month will benefit my building fund. For the children with honor roll, a drawing each month for gift card to Dave's and Busters, Six Flags Over Georgia, tickets to Atlanta Braves, Falcons and Hawks game, Lego Land Atlanta, and more. Education is very important to me, I will also have a library for kids to take home donated books each week. Thanks for your prayers and support in advance for our Singles Moms Club Of Atlanta.
    Coming Soon, The Singles Moms Club Of Houston, The Singles Moms Club Of San Diego, ect.. Dionne Fields International Children's Book Author.
    Here's how you can help today.

  • The Michael Dresser Show

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    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

  • The Flowering of Creation: Interview with Leigh McCloskey

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    Today on the Art 4 All People airwaves we will be chatting with Leigh McCloskey about Art, transformation and healing. We will also delve into the realms of archetype, personal mythology, and the MUSE. Which is our (Art 4 All People's) Arts and Healing exhibition MUSE: The Art of Transformation and Healing. at Commonweal in Bolinas, CA.
    About Leigh:
    In many ways Leigh J. McCloskey is a modern Renaissance Man. His interest, knowledge, study and learning ranges from art, music, history, religion, mythology, philo-Sophia and esotericism to string theory, quantum physics and the multidimensional nature of consciousness. He has deeply studied Hermeticism, Alchemy and Kabbalah and has hosted twice weekly philosophical salons at his home, Olandar, for over thirty years. He has written, illustrated and published six books. He lectures both nationally and internationally and has given numerous talks and presentations of his holographic art and visual philosophy. Leigh has contributed numerous essays on topics ranging from William Blake and the Heroic Imagination, the Archetypal Tarot & the Kabbalah, to Jacob Boehme and Theosophical Thought.
    Leigh is also an accomplished actor whose professional career has spanned four decades. His life and works reveal remarkable artistry, vision and discipline and are a reminder that we are far more interesting than we have lead ourselves to believe. He founded Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance (OFFER) as a seed idea meant to awaken our deepest knowing and to stimulate the emerging waters of imaginative renaissance & rebirth.

  • Michigan Literary Network

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    Michigan Literary Network:. Helping writers get to their literary goals and connecting readers to Michigan Authors.

  • Chatting it up with Nigeria Lockley

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    Nigeria Lockley possesses two Master's degrees, one in English Secondary Education, which she utilizes as an educator with the New York City Department of Education. Her second Master's degree is in Creative Writing. Born at Dawn is Nigeria’s first published novel. Nigeria serves as the Vice President of Bridges Family Services, a not-for-profit organization that assists student parents interested in pursuing a degree in higher education. She is also the deaconess and clerk for her spiritual home King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Church of God. Nigeria is a New York native who resides in Harlem with her husband and two daughters.  
    Writing Fiction for the Renewed Mind http://nigerialockley.com/ 
    For more info about me or to purchase my debut novel, Born at Dawn visit https://www.amazon.com/author/nigerialockley     Join me at The Carpenter's House www.goingtothecarpentershouse.blogspot.com

  • Author Lacy Crawford discusses EARLY DECISION on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Lacy Crawford to Conversations LIVE to discuss her new book EARLY DECISION.

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  • To Love and Die - Capri Antoinette

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    Join us After Dark Live while host, Niyah Moore, interviews new author Capri Antoinette on her debut release entitled To Love and Die.
    Capri Antoinette enjoys writing in the fiction, mystery, romance, and drama genres. She is currently working on her very first piece, a trilogy series, with Royalty Publishing House. As she pursues her Bachelor's in Psychology, she continues to write and develop her craft.Born and raised in East Palo Alto, CA, Capri was witness to an aggressive environment during most of her childhood. Being exposed to an abundance of community violence, much of her inspiration for her writing developed from those experiences. She began writing poems about young men whose lives were taken behind the senseless violence and it became fuel to her already burning fire for writing.


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    Join us C. Bravo and Mr. Speaker
    New York 7:00 PM EST
    California 4:00 PM PST
    London 5 hours ahead
    Rome 6 hours ahead
    Melbourne and Sydney 16 hours ahead
    Via internet or telephone
    Call in number 1.646.478.5603
    Email: cbravollc@gmail.com

  • Family Power Hour -

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    dr billie

  • A Kind Voice on Books

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    Hosted By Jason Lawrence

  • The Hump Day Show

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    Join us on the World Famous
    Hump Day Show
    Sometimes we have open Mic
    and Sometimes we are interviewing the most prolific Artists in the business of Wordsmithery, Poetry, Storytellers, Music and the all the Arts
    Join us via your Computer . . . SKYPE . . . or Call in at : 714.816.4751

  • Liquid Libations Radio Where Poetry and the Spoken Word Comes Alive

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    Welcome to Liquid Libations Radio the place for spoken word artists, poets and those who love the beauty and power of the spoken word!  Put the kids to bed, sit back and relax while I talk erotic poetry with Mo Beasley and members of UrbanErotika Unlimited.  
    Mo Beasley's UrbanErotika?y’s is a live performance series celebrating erotic love through poetry, spoken word, music, dance, and theatre – as expressed by New York City’s diverse cultures. Each performance is composed with four Suites of Eros and starts with the most soft and sensual, ending with the most wild and explicit. The Infatuation Suite, Seduction Suite, Sweet Bliss, and the Raw Suite are the full spectrum of romantic and sexual love at UrbanErotika. UrbanErotika is perhaps one of New York’s most diverse artist showcases. For over ten years, the theater-styled performance series has proven to be rather eclectic: Puerto Rican tap dancers, Korean folk singers, West African dancers, Jewish musicians, South African singers, European poets, as well as the tri-state area’s best-known African American poets, dancers, singers, and musicians have all graced the UrbanErotika stage. Whatever the genre, the show is created to unify the concepts of love and sex in a variety of artistic expressions.
    The Power Of Simple, Artistic, Beautiful, Creative, Thoughtful, Descriptive WORDS!

  • Fighting Gravity:

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     In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated Fighting Gravity: Stop the fighting and enjoy flight and embrace the reality of life. Reaching each mind and Teaching each mind to REACH and TEACH others to REACH and TEACH ONE ANOTHER. Reaching out to those who want to join in the effort to affect the mind of the masses lifting the weight of Gr...avity. A vehicle for progress. If anything holds you down , let it go, and rise. That means "Anything". If something or someone is the catalyst of you not getting to your destination; Let it go... Its like; two heads of cattle in a yoke, and one is walking and the other is standing still. What is happening? The team is going in circles, not getting anywhere.
    Empowerment and Enabling, Keys for Construction and Destruction... Lets talk about it Releasing the dead weight = The sky is only the base of how far you can actually go.
    Wednesday Nights 8PM - 10PM EST on BlogtalkRadio  (713) 955-0328
    Hosted By: Dray TheDoctor & Co Host: UndeniableTruth
    All viewpoints express on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators Fighting Gravity: Join the conversation
                     Fighting Gravity: Wednesday Nights
    8PM - 10PM EST on  BlogtalkRadio.com (713) 955-0328 Hosted By: The Poet 365 & UndeniableTruth  

  • The DCPP "Poets on Fire" Weekly Open-Mic Poetry Live Call-In Show

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    The DC Poetry Project's "Poets on Fire" Weekly open-mic poetry show airs every Wednesday at 8pm EST / 5pm PST! Hosted by members of the DCPP, this show offers poets, spoken word artists and other writers opportunities to openly celebrate their love for words in all its forms. Come share or listen to poems, prose, songs, or any other style of expression with an audience of open minds and ears. We maybe physically located in Washington DC, but our love for poetry is worldwide! If there are questions, please call the DC Poetry Project Office at 202-540-0327. 
    Music by: Lino Rise
    Titles: “Channel Intro Germany,” Channel Intro Hungary," and Channel Intro Sweden."
    Source: www.free-intro-music.com

  • Empowered Women of Social Media Book Call for All

    in Writing

    On Labor Day September 1st 2014 I will be doing a podcast talking about the book Empowered Women of Social Media: 44 Women found their Voices using the Power of Social Networking. On this my first solo podcast, I will simply be telling my story about how this book came to be born and telling you a little about our authors. 

  • The Romance Bookmark with Renee Bernard

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    15 minutes of who-knows-what about authors and maybe even their books.  Lots of laughs, gossip and more laughs!

  • Literary Symposium - Frank Borne

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    Dreamers Radio is pleased to welcome Frank Borne, author of The Captain and the Queen as well as Fame and Misfortune.
    Taken from his website:
    "Frank Borne has authored numerous non-fiction books and short essays concerning Jefferson Parish history and politics, and served as editor of The West Bank Beacon, a good-news community newspaper, for three and a half years. In 2012, he self-published his first novel, But for the Grace of God. In 2013, Astraea Press released his novel Fame and Misfortune, which has been nominated for a 2013 RONE Award. Beau Coup Publishing recently released The Captain and the Queen, for which Borne is working on a sequel, The Captain of Her Heart.
    Borne serves as Chief Deputy Clerk of Court with the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court's Office in Gretna, Louisiana, where he has been employed since 1994. He graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor's degree in government and a minor in history. Borne lives in Harvey, Louisiana, with his wife Schlise."
    Be sure to check out Frank Borne's various pages and grab a book or two prior to show time!

  • 24 hours of poetry-Responses and reactions

    in Poetry

    24 hour poetry marathon......Does that sound possible? Well, it is and tonight we will be sharing our experience, as well as several of the other participants experience! We encouage each of you to join in the conversation by callng in or chatting with us during the show!
    Hear ya there!

  • Season Premiere: Art, Poetry, and Sound

    in Art

    Season Premiere - Art, Poetry, and Sound
    In the first show of the season we are introduced to the creator of Black Artisans- Ms. Lakesha Keith. The show highlights the struggles of this emerging artist who is a self proclaimed 'collector.' While many people collect items that are made by others there are many that collect their own work. Work that rarely- if ever sees the light of day.
    This was her story. Now, a new story has been written. Introducing "Art, Poetry, and Sound" The Show!
    Tune in for the season premiere of Art, Poetry, and Sound.

  • Spoken Word Wednesday 9.3.14

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    Spoken Word artists, you are invited to STEP TO THE MIC!  I open the mic to spoken word artists to spit from all subjects and genres, just respect one another and the host.  I will also perform some of my own poetry as well as feature works from some of my favorite poets.  Don't be shy, call (619) 638-8436 and step to the mic!  This week I will feature music by 112, Lauryn Hill and Yolanda Adams.

  • Kleftikos Radio

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    KJ ed. staff members go for round 2 (or 1 depending on the severity of dyscalculia you suffer) w/ NY/Texan author and KJ #6 contributor Heather Dorn. By hook, book or crook. 8pm wst/ 9pm mt/ 10pm cst/ 11pm est
    Live Free Write Forever. Write Free Live Forever.

  • I will be discussing writing in a violent world with authors and their ebooks

    in Writing

    Writing in a violent world
    What it takes to be a good writer. How to stay motivated as a writer. Good editing Reading an excerpt Who is your favorite character What makes you write

  • Reaching the Urban Culture with Jesus!

    in Poetry

    Reaching the urban culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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