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    Introduction to Talk of the hearts radio show

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    Ivy, NOvia and Mona will be introducing their new show

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    A Chat with 3 Time Author Susan Konig Publisher of the Willow Street Press

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    Parade Magazine says of Teenagers & Toddlers Are Trying to Kill Me!: "Surviving parenthood is never so funny as when Susan Konig tells tales of the joyful chaos that is life with her four children." Susan began her career schlepping shopping bags for Washington Post fashion editor Nina Hyde. Once she learned to type (a skill she lied about to get the job), she was put to work writing features for the paper's Style section. She moved on to Seventeen magazine in the big 80's as a fashion, beauty and trends editor. (Think shoulder pads, mousse and helicopter earrings.)
    Read Full Bio:  http://www.amazon.com/Susan-Konig/e/B001IQZTAG
    Susan Konig at the Willow Street Press
    Susan on Social Media: 

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    A Family of Authors hosted by Reginald Grant, MSEd

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    The show features’ interviews with authors, open discussions about real topics in revealing conversations. Covering a wide range of related topics including; writing, what motivates them to write, the business of writing, their books and their lives. Helpful insights about becoming a published writer, and how writers see the world.
    Host: Reginald Grant
    Reginald Grant, MSEd is an author, speaker and educator. He is now the host of the Radio Blog “ A Family of Authors” A show featuring frank conversations with a wide range of authors, every Tuesday, at 6:00 – 7:00 pm PST from Los Angeles, California. Reginald’s new release is “Success Stories Insights by African American Men”(2016) featuring personal, cross-generational stories from 19 African American Men and research based information for reaching and teaching African American Children. He is also the author of “A Case for Bilingual Education” (2015) and “A Teacher’s View. Education in America”( 2014). A former NFL player with the New York Jets, he was also a business professional prior to entering education. He has written numerous teaching tools, developed curriculum and published a cross section of articles. 
    Author Guest Charles Barnes "Stablizing Your Latter"

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    Writing Warrior Radio Episode 6

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    Kenya Rivers started her writing at the tender age of ten penning songs, poems and short stories. Kenya was a shy daydreamer who used her imagination to create the many stories she was able to see so vividly. She won area writing contests that fueled her desire to put those thoughts on paper. With this new found passion Kenya was able to share her love with the world through writing. She was born in Chicago and raised in California. Kenya graduated and study to become a nurse at El Camino College. Throughout the coming years she was diagnosed with Hypertension and Graves diseases and Chronic Migraines and a Pituitary Brain Tumor that affected her vision in 2006. Kenya was treated with serval different medications to shrink the tumor but, it was not successful. In 2007, she underwent brain surgery and it was a success.
    In 2010, Kenya put her pen back to use and began writing her first story destined for the publishing world. Endless Nights, her first novel was release in 2014. Kenya doesn’t conform to one specific genre. She encompasses the reality of her life. She keeps the stories as true as they are given to her and lets her readers into her inner self putting her vulnerability on display. In December 2012 Kenya was diagnosed with Leukemia (Blood and Bone Marrow Cancer), Fibromyalgia, which put her in a severe depression, and anxiety that took control of her body. Despite everything that she has endured in her life, Kenya continue to push through it all, as she fights every day and works hard to stay strong for her and her family. She stays focus in her writing as she uses it to inspire others. Kenya’s upcoming Adult Novel’s include
    Dangerously Obsessed
    Coming Soon: I Don’t Belong To You, Intoxicated (A Love That Becomes Addictive), and more to come. Kenya was inspire to write a Leukemia Awareness Children’s book titled, I’m No Different From You.  available summer 2016.

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    Join us C. Bravo and Mr. Speaker for an exciting evening of ‘SPOKEN INK’ Open mic.
    We invite you to call in and share your work.
    No Theme – No restrictions. 
    New York 7:00 PM EST
    California 4:00 PM PST
    London 5 +
    Rome 6 +
    Melbourne and Sydney 16 +
    Via internet or telephone
    Call in number 1.646.478.5603
     Email: cbravollc@gmail.com

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    Dialogue Returns! Author Susan Wingate hosts guest author, Leon Margie

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    Helium-3: is it time to mine the moon? In his latest book, PROFIT OF DEATH, author Leon Margie explores the potential consequences of latent energy source.
    Helium-3 is a potential energy source found in vast quantities on the moon. Mining the moon raises some interesting questions:
    Who owns the moon? How close are we to harnessing its power? And how far would its opponents go to prevent its usage? Margie explores these questions in  Profit of Death. Inspired by helium-3’s untapped potential and the conspiracy theories swirling in the wake of the infamous Annecy killings, Margie rips his story from the headlines. What follows is a suspenseful tale of environmental exploration, corporate espionage, and international intrigue.
    Margie has worked in the natural resource industry for over 15 years. His experience with mining the globe has led him to believe humankind may be prudent to invest in ideas beyond Earth – an idea that features heavily in his book.
    “There are other energy resources out there that are more efficient than what we currently have,” Margie said. “It might sound far-fetched, but we’re not that far away from mining the moon.” You can buy Leon Margie's thriller at http://amzn.to/25IeQMl
    About the author Having worked in the corporate resources industry for over 15 years, Leon Margie knows first hand the methods employed to protect company profits. Margie has been involved in all the resource sectors, from gold to oil, and has seen the many available options that could give this world a cleaner environment.

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    Author Ann Garvin

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    Ann Garvin is an Easterner who lives in the Midwest and a fiction writer who makes a living as a scientist and educator. While working as a nurse she completed her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in exercise psychology publishing extensively in the area of exercise, mental health and media and later became a prize winning short story writer.
    Decades of teaching health and studying what makes people tick proved a perfect backdrop for her novels I LIKE YOU JUST FINE WHEN YOU'RE NOT AROUND (Tyrus), THE DOG YEAR & ON MAGGIE'S WATCH (Berkley Penguin). Ann, a natural storyteller, is a sought after speaker and educator at conferences where writing, health and human nature is discussed. Founder of The Tall Poppy Writers & Co-Founder of The Fifth Semester

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    www.blogtalkradio.com/lawujo wa

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    Today, we shall continue from where we stopped from last week programm.Your is Omolola Adiamo,happy listening.

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    Suspense Radio One on One with John Lansing

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    John Lansing: "Dead is Dead": 
    Life imitates art in Dead is Dead, the newest thriller by best-selling author John Lansing. Retired Inspector Jack Bertolino gets his first taste of the capricious nature of Hollywood when George Litton, an A list producer, options one of Jack’s recent cases that achieved international notoriety. The studio agrees to green light the film if Litton can sign New York actress Susan Blake, the new “It Girl,” to play the lead.
    Jack is engaged as the technical advisor on Litton’s noir police thriller currently filming on location in Venice, California and starring Susan Blake. But more importantly, to keep a protective eye on Susan, who’s being harassed by a cyber stalker and is reticent to commit to a second Litton production and spend another year in LA.
    When a six-year-old girl is shot dead in the living room of her parents’ home, just blocks from where Litton’s cop movie is filming, Jack Bertolino gets pulled into a case with threads connecting the movie, the murder, a brutal gang of brothers, and a terrifying body count.

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    Ice Ministry - Deacon Roy & Evangelist Christine Tallie

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    Art critic and curator Joseph Bravo on Curating the Art of the Other

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    How do you curate the art of the Other to yourself? How do you curate art of which you are not necessarily an initiate? How has representational art been marginalized? Join us as critic and curator Joseph Bravo talks about art, the Other, and antiquities.
    Joseph Bravo is an art curator, consultant, and critic. He was the host and writer of the show Defining Art on KMBH, a PBS affilite. He has been an art history instructor, an educator, a museum director, and a curator. He is available for speaking engagements, museum tours, contract curation, and teaching.

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