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    Incense community arts show and open mic

    in Poetry

    Happy Feb!!!!  It is always a joy to celebrate the arts..of course it is Black history month,but with all thats going down in the world-we have a question for u..what exactly is the artist's responsability?????  We have a few special guests calling in to weigh in.. you will dig it..see ya at the show...

  • 02:05

    Hard Rock Madness - #15th Show

    in Film

    15th Show featuring Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock, Psychobilly, Punk and (Old School) Metal. The type of music longing for at a lazy day in a bar, with no bosses, hassles, deadlines, time crunches, problems, issues, just escape the commercials and burdens all without going POSTAL! 
    No F-bombs and C-words definitely permitted - although the music might have them - I don't censor them nor bleep them, rather I will mind my words. 
    Thanks to the numerous bands and labels that understand music transcends with substance not the BS images.
    Also included occasionally a bit a worthless trivia or headlines, maybe true or not you decide.
    15th show Playlists - located at the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HardRockMadnessRadio/

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    #327 - Introducing the Independent & Self-Published Authors' Book Fair

    in Books

    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, 2/17/17 at 2 p.m. (EST) to hear a LIVE interview with Cheryl Goodman, one of the co-organizers of Black Classic Press' Independent  & Self-Published Authors' Book Fair.
    Join Black Classic Press and BCP Digital Printing in a celebration of Black History Month at Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore, MD. It's their first Independent & Self Published Authors' Book Fair. With more and more new and experienced writers taking control of their work and offering it to the public on their own terms, the Independent & Self Published Authors' Book Fair promises exciting new titles for adults and children at affordable prices. 
    Call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guest.  Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE, you can always download, at your convenience, FREE On-Demand podcasts of this interview and hundreds of other inspirational interviews at www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour! 
    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)
    Get Ready for the 2017 Declaring the Glory of the Lord:  Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Christian book tour! 

  • 01:17

    Conversations with Sapphire JBlue welcomes Author Tome

    in Books

    Shunned and Stoned: Slighted By The People - The past always has a way of showing up. To her mother, Mecca was a reminder of the love she lost. So, she chose not to love her and half the time she didn't even like her. Mecca grew up; looking to fill the void left by shame and abandonment. She thought that her faith would be her saving grace but church hurt destroyed her life. 
    Tomé walks us through the hurt and pain of a young girl in her debut novella, Shunned and Stoned: Slighted by the People. Find out if Mecca ever finds her way.

  • 00:35

    Talking Pictures: Interview with Greig Fraser DP of Lion (Best Picture Nominee)

    in Film

    Host Paul Booth discusses the film LION with the Cinematographer of LION Mr. Greig Fraser. Mr Fraser won the 2017 A.S.C. Award for Cinemtography and is up for an Oscar this month.

  • 01:32

    Diamond's World Presents Amaleeka McCall

    in Books

    Listen as I talk to author Amaleka McCall about her literary journey and catalog,including her latest release entitled '2nd Timers.'

  • 01:02

    A Sci-Fi Journey of Love, Resistance and Conviction ~with Author Angela Guidolin

    in Books

    Samir is a Terran. Beatrice is a Progressive. They are spacetime travellers. For their story to work out they have to overcome their own prejudice and change their expectations from life.   
    Across Spacetime is a Science Fiction story of love, resistance and conviction.
    Today we get to talk to the author Angela Guidolin, who reveals how she came up with her riveting story line, how her own story is reflected in the book, and the deeper messages she included to all her Seekers.    
    Life isn't a straight line, there are always struggles, turmoil and things worth fighting for - find out more about Samir and Beatrice's journey in alien galaxies far away - from Angela Guidolin herself.
    Angela Guidolin, is author of Homecoming, and now her new upcoming book Across Spacetime.  She's Italian, living in the South East of England with her family. She is kind of an alien in her own world who's been finding her own way just like our protaganists.  I'm delighted to interview her and share her journey and new book with you!
    Chat room will be open for questions, and sci-fi conversation!  Set an email alert above.
    Find out more about Angela Guidolin go to http://www.angelaguidolinauthor.co.uk
    Find out more about how you can find YOUR VOICE just like Angela has on an international internet platform, to launch your book, create visibility for your business, or expand your speaking skills  go to www.thebusinessspringboard.com
    Find out more about your radio show host Louise Crooks - go to www.keystoclarity.com

  • 00:34

    MSB - Mark Greaney, True Faith and Allegiance

    in Books

    Signed Books by the Author: Link Similar Authors: Ben Coes, Alex Berenson, Brett Battles. His Website: Link Follow him on Twitter: Link Like his Facebook: Link
    More about "True Faith and Allegiance" by Mark Greaney:
    A massive data breach threatens the security of every US intelligence operative around the world. With all assets potentially compromised, Mary Pat Foley, Director of National Intelligence, turns to the men of the Campus to track down and stop the Romanian hackers who have put the information up for sale to the highest bidder.
    A small mistake in tradecraft by the Campus makes the breach infinitely worse. Now the data is in the hands of the Chinese government, which is using it to block American military force in the South China Sea.
    President Jack Ryan is going to have to make some tough choices; some of which may put his own flesh and blood on the firing line.

  • 00:24

    Fallen Angels audio book part one

    in Writing

    People have been asking me for audio versions of my books, but I don't have the resources necessary to produce them. Therefore, I will be reading my books aloud on half-hour segments for those who want or need an audio version. This is  part one of Fallen Angels, my science fiction novel. It was inspired by my husband Philip K. Dick, who often discussed the problems with eugenics. My free account here at blogtalk allows me half an hour for each show, so I will read for half an hour today, then read for another  half hour, and so forth, until I have read my entire novel. I hope thatyou enjoy this reading. 

  • 00:32

    An Artist Speaks Season 6 Episode 2 with guest artist Tisha Clinkenbeard.

    in Art

    Tisha Clinkenbeard is a working wife and mother, and she takes photos as she goes along the path of her life. Most of the time it is just in the course of everyday observations, travel for work, or adventures with her husband and family.
    “Life brings me too many different places and shows me so many different views, things, and lessons. My love of nature and travel is reflected in the works that I share. Nature is so large and so small at the same time. You have to look at both the big picture (landscapes) and the little pictures (macros, flowers) all at the same time - just paying attention to the world around you. Most of all I love sharing my photography with people. Some may never see that scene because they may never travel to the spot or they might have missed the small stuff along their own walk. I can provide that beauty or view to them so that they may enjoy it every day. “

  • 01:51

    Spoken Word Radio Returns

    in Poetry

    Spoken Word Radio returns Sunday January 29, 2017 from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M CST. I am your host Ashley Banks aka Softly Spoken. I bring to you live inteviews and online open mics. Spoken Word Radio is dedicated to the arts community. We will also be playing music during the broadcast. The featured guest will be Syron Smith, creator of an community organization named National Block Club University. Please call in and share some words; feel free to ask questions. I ask that callers keep comments or poetry readings to four minutes. Please no profanity or disrespectful remarks. Thank you for your support.
    The call in number is (323) 642-1414

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