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    MMP - The Newsroom 9-7-13

    in Film

    On our first LIVE episode ever we have Roy, Steven C, and myself Steve running the show. We talk a little Box Office for this weekend and go over next weeks. Then we discuss another Wizard of Oz show, Transformers 4, Mad Max, an odd casting call for Batman Vs. Superman, and so much more! Be kind this is our first live show, but we hope you enjoy it!

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    fight Depression

    in Books

    The battle fiid is in the mind, so it is time to clear out all the old thought and make time for the new.

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    in Film

    This is just a test

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    Truth on Tap--Tuesday TARD-day: Critique of a Critic

    in Books

    Note: This MAY be my last BTR broadcast as I have found Spreaker to be far more stable and feature-packed, not to mention the light-years-ahead-jump in audio quality; IF this show fails since I'm using Skype which is notoriously unstable with BTR, come over to my spreaker station at http://www.spreaker.com/user/truthontap to jump in on a fresh episode where I'll continue this show, and probably, all future shows).
    When you read a book, movie, game, or any kind of review from a critic, do you make buying decisions based upon it?  You may think twice after this show.
    A blogger who calls himself Kalpar decided to do a review of my book, Name of Alt, in August of last year.  His revew was scathing; an all-out assault.  Normally, that would hurt a little, and I would shake it off and move on.  But as I moved down, from paragraph to paragraph, I actually questioned whether or not he was even talking about my book.  His facts were wrong; chunks of basic reading comprehension were missing--entire plot paths were absent from his understanding of the book.
    He earned a spot, therefore, on the Tuesday TARD-day show.  Let's win one against the Kalper.

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    in Art

    Bettinna Justinien discusses the merging of Art and Technology. Her commentary will reveal which way the industry is heading and what it will take to be a viable designer within an ever evolving and changing industry. Bettinna is a Web Designer/Developer & Artist. In this installation of Trick Or Truth she will tell us what she has learned from her past experience, completing her Bachelor's in Graphic Design at Fashion Institute of Technology and applying it to her career as a designer and artist.  When she's not designing and working with clients, she works on various personal music, film and political art projects.

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    What's Really Hot in the Streets Of....IMVU

    in Art

    Since the emerging of IMVU's new Photo Stream craze, it seems that most users are being victims of avatar identity theft. The rising rates of copying has drastically increased since this feature has been added to the IMVUniverse. What are your thoughts on this? Call in and let ya girl know!

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    ROVACULTURE - Your Divine Consciousness In Action

    in Books

    In this last sixth episode of Valeria ROVALUTION: Living Life Consciously, Valeria will talk about ROVACULTURE which is a "conscious-living-in-action" space where you can empower your talents. In her previous five episodes, Valeria presented a new holistic lifestyle program called Valeria ROVALUTION, designed to help one reach a conscious state of being through a harmonious balance comprised of four important aspects of well-being: (1) Spirit or “IAM ROVALATION,” (2) Body or “ROVABODY,” (3) Diet or “ROVADIET” and (4) Appearance or “ROVAFASHION.” Do not miss this unique opportunity to talk to Valeria about this extraordinare vision while on the air. Discover a powerful new lifestyle with Valeria ROVALUTION!

  • 00:31

    5 Minutes of Fame with G.P.A.

    in Poetry

    Revenge of the Orgasm by G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) has proven to steam up a mirror or two...join us as we speak to him about his very potent writing style that has left so many of his readers breathless.
    Revenge of the Orgasm is an erotic autobiography.  It is a “tell all” that provides all of the sizzle of its contemporaries but without the lack of discretion. G.P.A., the Phenomenal Poetic Unsub , takes you on a sensual journey that you do not wish to end.
    Check out his web: www.iblowyourmind.net

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    JT Sather How to Survive When the Bottom Drops Out

    in Books

    Buy How to Survive When the Bottom Drops Out on Amazon
    One of the hardest lessons you'll ever have to learn is how to remain standing when the world is crumbling at your feet. Jt Sather got his doctorate in economic survival at one of the toughest theaters of higher learning - Life. With courses on Falling From the Top - Twice, Unemployment, Homelessness, Empty Wallet - Empty Refrigerator, Catastrophic Injury, When She Takes the Dog, Friends, Food and Furniture and dozens of other difficult life lessons, the author provides a simple, common sense set of steps to get back up when you've been knocked down. Honest, funny, sad, and sometimes crude, Jt uses his own life as the course material, and helps you recognize the things that matter (friendship and pictures of your kids) and the things that weigh you down as you start back up the ladder.

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    david and joey

    in Books

    hey whats up

  • 00:32

    "Pain to Paints" with Ted Meyer

    in Art

    The Pulse is Back with All New Interviews highlighting Dynamic Los Angeles Artists whose work can be seen in the City's Hot new Art Exhibit, "WE LOVE L.A. -Please Make It Better", curated by Amy Inouye and Stuart Rapeport/ Future Studio Gallery. 
    Visit "WE LOVE L.A. - Please Make It Better" NOW until September 13th, 2013 @ Future Studio Gallery, Highland Park, Ca.
    For more information regarding "WE LOVE L.A.", please go to www.futurestudiogallery.com
    This Week, The Pulse welcomes Painter/Photographer Ted Meyer.
    Ever since Ted Meyer was a small child in the hospital, Ted has mixed art and medical images as a way to understand his experiences. One of his goals is to bring art into non-traditional spaces, such as medical facilities, to highlight the emotional impact of pain and healing on everyday people—patients, families, and medical personnel.

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