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    The Cool Critique Crew Stops in to The Young Adult Cafe

    in Books

    The Cool Critique Crew comprises of four writers friends, Donna Galanti, Joe McGee, Erica George and Jessica Rinker. All four write books for children, and each is in a different phase of the publishing arena. The friends meet frequently for moral support as well as margaritas. Donna has already published several YA and middle grade titles along with adult mysteries. Joe is a college English professor and writes for younger children. Erica and Jessica are both awaiting publication of their books. Join us for a lively conversation.
    Radio host and author Laura Moe spent most of her working life as a librarian and English teacher in central and Southeastern Ohio, but has recently moved to Seattle where she writes full-time. Moe is the author of YA novels PARALLEL LINES (Fat Cats, 2015) and BREAKFAST WITH NERUDA (Merit Press, 2016, ) named by the New York Public Library as one the Best Books for Teens in 2016 and a Top Pick for VOYA. She is owned by a spoiled white cat and is working on a sequel to BREAKFAST WITH NERUDA. https://www.lauramoebooks.com/
    This is a copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on The Air Global Radio Network LLC

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    in Film

    In this weeks nerdtastic episode we sit down and discuss the finale of Samurai Jack season 5. We also travel back to the past and share our love of classic arcade and fighting games. All that and more in this weeks manly episode of The Powerful Nerdcast.

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    Chatting with Linsey Godfrey {LIVE}!

    in Film

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for joining us for another episode of Talk Daytime. Tonight, we have Linsey Godfrey who most of you know from The Bold and the Beautiful. I recently watched an episode of Michelle Stafford's podcast where Linsey was her guest, and I thought that it was so funny, and immediately wanted to invite Linsey on our show. As always, I have Cathy with me, and we'd love it if you guys would hang out and chat along with us on twitter or in the chat box! Let's get started!  

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    Ep 07: Money, Power, Respect

    in Performing Arts

    Why is Goldie so nefarious? Find out this week when we take a trip down memory lane to her violent past.

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    Share the Laughter.... with Pam and Friends "Real and Imaginary"

    in Poetry

    Join me as together we share the simple pleasures of friendship, laughter and poetry.
    "In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." Khalil Gibran
    I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh, poetry to me is a creative outlet in which to share humor. I want us together to explore the variety of humor in poetry ranging from give people something to think about to so cheesy we serve it up with bread and wine and everything in between.
    Please note for this show humor and poetry should not make negative comments or belittle people in anyway for religious or political beliefs, race, nationality or sexual orientation Politics should be kept to a minimum and subtle nothing vulgar or graphic, avoid naming specific sex acts and body parts
    So come on in pull up a chair and join me for an evening of laughter and poetry.

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    PSH Live June 2017 Open Poetry Reading

    in Poetry

    Fantastic Fathers Day edition of our open poetry reading today which featured poets from Washington, D.C., Covington, Louisiana, Sault-St. Maria, Canada, Birmingham, Alabama, Tuscon, Arizona, and St. Louis, Missourri all calling in and reading their poems! Hosted as always by Poetry Super Highway's Rick Lupert author of 20 books of poetry, most recenty Professor Clown on Parade, Romancing the Blarney Stone, and Donut Famine. (Rothco Press, December 2016.)

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    The Daily Author #174: Sarabeth Caplin, Mark Stevens, Mike Keefe

    in Books

    We start the week off with a roundtable discussion between host Rich Keller and authors Sarabeth Caplin, Mark Stevens, and Mike Keefe.
    Questions Asked and Answered:
    What have been some of the challenges marketing books? Has marketing changed greatly over the last few years? Do they feel smaller books are the future? Show Follow-Ups:
    Learn more about Sarabeth at her website Learn more about the Gary Reilly books at The Asphalt Warrior web Daily Dose of Author Action -- Embrace the Internet Advertise on The Daily Author Be a Guest on The Daily Author

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    Kyle Mills Author Interview: Emerging from Spy Shadows to Spotlight

    in Books

    Kyle Mills is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of fifteen books, including the latest in Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series, The Survivor.   Growing up in Oregon, Washington, DC, and London as a the son of an FBI agent, Kyle absorbed an enormous amount about the intelligence community, giving his novels their unique authenticity. He and his wife live in Wyoming where they spend their off hours mountain biking and backcountry skiing.

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    MyFixitUpLife Show: Plant a tree, Build a Treehouse

    in Design

    The challenge is that trees move and houses don’t. So to build a treehouse we get into it with Caleb White, owner of New Leaf Treehouse Company and talk details on dialing in a treehouse design that won’t keep you up at night worried it’ll shake itself apart in a storm. We also get into cool tools and why ropes are better than ladders when you get up in the branches. A certified arborist, Caleb also jams on how to spot a sick or dying tree and the things that make them potential dangers that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. Dead branches aren’t necessarily a sign of a tree in decline. And we talk planting. Bark mulch, root flares and other geeky stuff you’ll love for your landscape. Tune into this episode Tuesday, May 31st at 2pE on YouTube and / or BlogTalkRadio!

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    Author Tammy Jurnett-Lewis on The Paige Roberts Show, Letters To My Father book

    in Books

    About Tammy Jurnett-Lewis:
    Tammy is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years in the healthcare industry. She ran a successful home care agency called "Ideal Healthcare Services" for 9.5 years, before turning to home care and business consulting. She was recognized in Forbes Magazine in both 2013 and 2014 for the growth of her company and her expertise in the home care industry. She was also recognized in Business Leader Magazine as one of the "Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the Triangle" and "Top 300 Small Businesses of the South." Also, as a recipient of the "Outstanding Healthcare Career Development" award, she continued to work hard to assist in creating jobs.
    Tammy has now started an association called "Black Businesses Rock." This association was created to inspired, encourage and assist African American business owners with networking and small business start-up. With her love for writing, she is a Best Selling Author and is she is now working on her book, "The Faces of BBR" that will showcase several African American businesses from their struggles to their successes.  When she is not writing or helping other business owners live out their dreams, Tammy commits to doing speaking engagements at conferences, schools, churches, half-way houses and jail systems, encouraging African American men and women to pursue their life long dreams. She would love to see more of these young men and women turn their hobbies into revenue. Today, Tammy resides in Raleigh, NC where she is happily married to her husband Anthony Lewis. She is also a loving mother of three.
    “Life is not just about making a living, but also making a difference. ”
    Join me tonight when we will talk to Tammy about her new book titled "Letters To My Father".  

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    Crown Holder Conversations with Authors Tesa Erven

    in Books

    Crown Holder Conversations with Authors, Speakers and Coaches
    Join us for an Evening with Ella Curry!  She is the president of  EDC Creations Media Group.  Sit back and enjoy a chat with some of the most talented authors on the planet. Learn more about the featured books.  You’ll enjoy a #SeducingThePen Book Tour reading from the book too!
    8:00 - Bonded For Life (The Loose End Book 3) by Tesa Erven
    8:30 - New Release Showcase: Various Genres  
    Become the next featured author or speaker on the BAN Radio with Ella Curry, click here: www.edc-creations.com/banradiopromo.htm
    Authors and Publishers, visit the EDC Creations website for more book promotion opportunities and to see all of the packages:  www.edc-creations.com. 
    EDC Creations provides business owners innovative marketing solutions with a special focus on the African American literary community.
    We are also the publishers of the award winning, highly popular Black Pearls Magazine, which now has more than 1,800 members across the United States.  Follow BAN Radio and Ella Curry on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EDC1Creations    
    #SeducingThePen,   #BANRadioShow,   #StorytellersBookTour

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