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Insights, inspirations, tools and techniques for creating the life and business of your dreams.

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Insights, inspirations, tools and techniques for creating the life and business of your dreams.
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HOW TO SHIFT FROM VICTIM TO CREATOR! Victim: ?Of course she's successful. She has a great husband with a great income!? Creator: ?I am the creator of my wealth.? Are you are a creator or a victim? How do you know?... more

HEALING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND! Rick Moss, Ph.D. has a remarkable ability. He can read the subconscious and the energy field and determine what limited beliefs, retained emotions and energetic attachments are the root of our... more

You saw her first in ET: The Extraterrestrial, the movie that touched all of us, and then Cujo, The Howling, and dozens of award winning television programs, but Dee Wallace comes back to the Art of Joyful Living show not just as one of... more

Do you have great ideas for your business that never advance beyond the idea stage? Do you have trouble with execution, taking action, going big with your dreams? Shanda Sumpter, the successful founder and Queen Visionary of... more

From Suicide to Success is not just a marketing slogan for Mark Bowness. It is his life. It is the story of how 3 months after a failed suicide attempt, he created a business that attracted world wide attention from people like Richard Branson... more

Join us for our annual Make this Your Best Year show. We will be completing the energy of 2013 and crafting your vision for 2014. And we will reveal the 3 Step Success Strategy. Join us for this powerful hour, and start living the life of your... more

Nan Akasha, a best selling author, is known as the ?Secret Weapon? for ‘flipping your switch' and re-wiring Entrepreneurs and Professionals to make quantum leaps in power, voice and money. Featured in Fast Company... more

How do you forgive what seems unforgiveable? Why do we seem to attract the same kinds of situations again and again in our relationships? What is a change someone can make right now to improve their relationships? If you want to lead... more

Are you wondering what you might do differently in 2014 to finally give life to those great ideas that have been trapped in your head, the ones you yearn to bring into reality? If so, George Kao has answers for you! George is a renowned... more

Do you know that your brain is hard wired to answer questions? Ask yourself, ?Why don't I ever make enough money?? and your brain will give you a thousand reasons why you never make enough money. Ask yourself, ?Why do I make so... more
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