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Living The Aromatic Life with Essential Oils

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Sorry I missed last week, I was working on my exams and I just forgot where the time went away. I'll be here, will be posting HUGE note on desk.
Ms Aromatic Info

Part 2 Perfume Blending Will Happen This Saturday

  • by Ms Aromatic Info
Hey Friends, The show is definitely on this Saturday, sorry I forgot last Saturday. I was very busy studying and working on my exam, final in that particular class and my grades haven't been the best. But we're going to finish what I started. So... more
Ms Aromatic Info

JOIN MY SHOW 1/17/09

  • by Ms Aromatic Info
Hello Everybody, Please join me again for Perfumery Blending. Learn the art of blending your own designer fragrances which will be the part we will be getting to. I apologize for the unexpected time I had to be away due to illness, I'm a... more

Learn about Base, Middle and Top notes in learning to make your own perfumes with essential oils on the Living Your Life The Aromatic Way with Essential Oils.

Treating depression holistically with essential oils. I will share an old article from The International Journal of Aromatherapy written by Gabriel Mojay, it is very interesting, please join us!

Let's talk about carrier oils and essential oils and what some very common blends are that are known in the professional of Aromatherapy. I too have studied Aromatherapy and it is a vast subject matter.
Ms Aromatic Info

Living Life The Aromatic Way with Essential Oils

  • by Ms Aromatic Info
Hello To Everyone Out There, Welcome to my blog! This Saturday will be a cool 45 minute show and I'll be sharing about different kinds of oils, their special properties and meaning what ailments that they are good for. I hope that some... more

More sharing of Aromatherapy information.

Will try to give you a 45 minute show full of aromatherapy information and share what it was like being an AOL Chat Host for several years teaching Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy we all seem interested in it. But have you tried it? Let's talk about what is so good about essential oils and why they call it aromatherapy.
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