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Just Keeping it 100

Just Keeping it 100!!!


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Just keeping it 100 is going to touch areas in Christ the church is suffering, hiding, holding us back from. It's all about the silent truth.

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On today's show on Just Keeping it 100, the topic is Who are you? And who are you listening to? Yes as believers we are so often thrown off by opinions and perpectives of others that we lose sights of our very own purpose and... more

Who is deceived? How does it affect your life and who did it to you? Well you don't want to miss this episode on Just Keeping it 100. I know there are many ways to be deceived as believers and it can set us back, but what is God saying... more

On today's show, on Just Keeping it 100, we will here from Pastor Monica Perry. She will be discussing the topic of the day, Return to Sender. What are we returning? Who sent it? Did we even order it? I'm sure lots of us have received... more

On Just Keeping it 100, we will be talking about activating the mouth of production. Who is it, What causes it to activate and what role we as believers play in the process. One thing we will touch basis on is the agricultural status of... more

On our show Just Keeping it 100, we will dicuss the topic of the day, The True Grace. Minister Godfrey Barrett will teach in detail what Grace is really about and how it is misused in the body of Chist. Grace is not a ticket or free pass to do... more

On this episode of Just Keeping it 100, Bishop Perry will be educating us on How to use our weapons effectively in warfare. It's one thing to pray and another to war, but the question is how do you use what you have? Do you know what you... more

Have you ever known someone or people in general who try to live off of your or someone else's anointing as a cheap way to do things? It's like someone else having faith for you but you don't have anything for yourself. Have you seen... more

On this episode of ust Keeping it 100, we will talk about holograms. What are they? Are they good or bad? How do they change you as a believer? Well that's what we will discuss and also teach you how to defeat the holograms.... more

On this episode of Just Keeping it 100, we will dig deeper and deeper in the spirits of the topic Homosexuality in and out of the Church. Learning is knowing, but knowledge is gain. While we are getting our Sunday sermons and... more

The spirits are important to discuss because it gives an inlook on the operating strongman. Homosexuality is not alone he has some friends with him and we will continue to expose the enemy and inform the people of such activity.