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ARIRA RADIO 2012 - NEW LOGO - NEW TEAM - NEW AGENDA - In addition to our interest in UFOs and Disclosure, in 2012 we will also focus on geopolitical issues, earth changes and sociological events leading to the elevation of human consciousness. - NO LIMITS - NO BOUNDS - Produced by Richard Lang - Hosted by Michael Weiss and Richard Lang

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Hosted By Richard Lang and Denise Stoner our very special Guest Stan Friedman He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident and co-authored Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident. His... more

Richard Lang - Producer of ARIRA Radio - gives a brief commentary about the THRIVE Movement, the MOVIE, the potential for New Energy Technology, the secrecy surrounding the UFO enigma and what it means to us and our future

Are we approaching some kind of tipping point, is human consciousness escalating to the next level. Do we have something incredible to learn from this new movie about the THRIVE Movement. Could the Occupy Movement, the... more

Could the Virginia Earthquake, the Colorado Earthquake and a Linear string of Cattle Mutilations and UFO sighting be related . . . the ARIRA Team thinks he is on to something. For the past 25 years, Chuck Zukowski has been... more

Produced by Richard Lang and Co-Hosted Denise Stoner Sunday evening at 8:00PM EST Oct 16th Tonight we are going to explore the concept of Human Consciousness. Is the impact of exterritorial influence causing humans to elevate... more

Chuck Modlin was one of the original 7 MUFON STAR Team Members, and was Chief Technical Advisor to BAASS /MUFON SIP Project. Currently he is Chief Technical Advisor for MUFON. Chuck is retired from a career in the US Navy... more

Produced by RICHARD LANG and Co-Hosted by Denise Stoner with Mike Weiss Sunday OCT.2nd at 8:00PM EST Here we go . . . Down the Rabbit Hole . . . and through to the Dark Side of the looking Glass . . . Tonight we are talking about... more

Hosted By Richard lang and Denise Stoner Sunday evening at 8:00PM EST Sept.25th Nick works full time as an Author, Lecturer, and Journalist. His writing covers the gamut with topics such as Unsolved Mysteries, Bigfoot, UFOs, Alien... more

Stories circulating all over the internet refer to a frightening foreign military intelligence report circulating in the Kremlin, that states that the vast intercontinental military tunnel complex constructed by the United States was hit... more