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Sex,relationships,family,single parenting,everything and anything. Lets just put it all out there. Open book say what ya feel about the topics.

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Thats right its that time. Its been two years now so we are going to celebrate with our Open Forum show. So anything goes and I do mean anything. You want to talk about sex lets talk about it. If you want to talk about politics lets talk about... more

Thats right another Open Forum. The last one was so good that I decided to go for it again. And guess what I'm still in Delaware. So lets see whats on everyone's mind and lets talk about it. Anything goes.

Its the first show of the year but the last show I will be doing from Delaware. Open forum is what we are doing. So whats on your mind. Anything goes and you know I mean anything. So lets chat.

Women and men that think they are better then others. Why do some people believe that they are better then others and why do they believe their lifes are better.

Yep that right its that time again. Time for open forum where you my listeners choose the topic for the night. Anything goes and I mean anything. Whatever you want to chat about lets do it...

Yes we are going to be having a serious talk this weekend on the show. Lately I have been seeing more and more teenagers fighting, killing one another and abusing each other and nothing being done about it. We see the signs as adults... more

Yep its that time again to have an open forum. Speak about whats on your mind. Do you have some questions or thoughts about this or that will this is the perfect time to speak up and ask or tell... Lets chat.

Same sex relationships and marriages. Are you for them or against them? Why or why not? Doesn't everyone have the right to marry or be who they love. Does age really matter when it comes to relationships? How old were you when you first... more

The double standards between the sexiest are up for debate yet again. Men today who think its still there say in everything. Why is it even when you don't do something with a man your still called a slut a whore and so forth. But a man is... more