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Learn more about architecture as expert radio show hosts talk about the architecture as art and design as well as a business. Tune in to learn more!
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    Flava Coffee House Online Radio Style

    in Entertainment

    I would like to welcome you to my coffee house, Flava Coffee House where we cater to the underground / independent artists from here in the Pacific Northwest where I am to across the United States and evern around the Globe. We support artists from all walks of life, all art forms and positive genres.  I believe that together and through the creativity of some beautiful souls we can change the world for the betterment of many.
    Come in and stay a while. Feel free to call in and share a thought or two.  I welcome you to call in and promore who you are and what you do. The call in number is: 347-857-1189.
    Otherwise make yourself comfortable in your comfy chair with your favorite snack and or beverage.  You never know what directions things might go here at Flava Coffee House.
    Flava is a taste, a style, a feeling...What's your flava?

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    Ashford Publishing Presents Patsy Vick

    in Social Networking

    There is a gentle art in quilt marketing that takes great skill and concentrated effort. Ashford Radio is proud to present a woman that has mastered creating stories with a stitch. Her name is Patsy Vick and she began learning her craft from her mother, who taught her the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction more than three decades ago, and she carries on the tradition of excellence in her craft by expertly fashioning a cornucopia of quality handmade pieces for you to enjoy. 
    Hosted By: Tina Reynolds 

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    West360 Recap Season *1* Weeks 1-2

    in Sports

    Tune in live to discuss all things WEST360
    -Free Agency Bidding
    -Score Recaps
    -CPU Restarts
    -Website Design
    -And More.....

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    T & T Tunes- Saturday Night!

    in Indie Music

    It's Saturday night everyone! It's that time of the week we step away from politics and I play some Indie tunes. Again, I will ask that if you have a complaint call the show and voice that complaint because I have had about enough of you chat room hero's!
    Check out more music, news, and blogs at Conservative T & T on the web!
    I hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

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    The A.O.C Presents...Daniel Gallant

    in Poetry

    April is National Poetry Month!
    The A.O.C. Presents...Daniel Gallant, Executive Director of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC, NY
    To all Poets, Spoken Word artist and Writers join us via Internet or Telephone.
    Call in number. 1.323.792.2990
    The AOC is a NYC based entertainment production company founded with the belief that Artist have the right to perform their respective crafts without overbearing restrictions placed on them by the producers, so they can tap into the deepest levels of their creative talent

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    OTTObox remembers Jon Veitch with Renee Gurley

    in Friends

    Jon is Jon.  There is no one else to compare him against. 
    Jon was the porch light bulb and we were the moths drawn to him.  Bright, positive and upbeat, zany in his actions and art, Jon was on.  But I don't think he was performing or in need of attention.  He drew attention because that was him, that was Jon. He was.

    For most of his adult life, Jon lived with brain cancer and lived a full life despite that fact.  He had a daughter, continued hair styling and his art with the support of hundreds of friends, his parents, family and girlfriend.  His light burned brighter and, unfortunately, quicker. 

    Renee Gurley is his girlfriend and joins us to talk about Jon, living with cancer, support systems, medicine, God and whatever else comes up.  And we'll take your calls.

    Jon's video journal:

    More videos on YouTube:

    Jon's Art:

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    skigos god show

    in Religion

    we r going to ask things not judge people or peoples faith so call in ask qestions we are not qestioning god or jesus its just people want to no dares nothing wrong with it so i hope you enjoy it .  "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; 

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    'Building a Winning Website!' with Jeff Pearson

    in Goals

    Thirteen years ago, Jeff Pearson founded Web Alchemy Concepts in Canada with the vision of transforming business ideas from concept to the web. His clients span the globe from the US to Europe and the Middle East covering a range of industries and backgrounds.
    Besides web design, his experience covers everything from branding, e-commerce, content management systems and mobile development.
    His technical background in audio engineering and electronics allows him to relate complex technical jargon into words that non-technical people can actually understand. Jeff’s personable and patient style helps take the stress out of navigating the sometimes complex in’s and out’s of web technologies and representing your business online.
    You can visit his site at http://www.webalchemy.ca, by email at sales@webalchemy.ca or by phone at 905-493-5115. 

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    Design Bloggers Conference-Highlights + Takeaways!

    in Design

    Would you like to hear the early hightlights and takeaways from the Design Bloggers Conference and also find out about NCI Communications just announced Favorite Spaces Contest where you can have your work published in six of NCI Communications' regional magazines and on all of their social sites? (and where you can use client @Olioboard 's 3D moodboard creation tool to enter if you don't have professional pictures of your work ready?!!! ) 
    Come join in for a fun hour and a half! I will share a few of my own highlights and takeways and then will turn it over to everyone on this Blog Talk Radio chat to share their own! Let's help those who weren't there learn what they need to know for their businesses, too! 
    Please join in at 6:30 pm tonight, Thursday, March 1st!
    And, please see my new post on my *Retail Ideas* blog for http://furnituretoday.com (written on the flight home yesterday!) for @FurnitureToday  to start off the discussion! (Furniture Today is the world's largest weekly trade newsmagazine for the furniture industry)
    I hope to see you on the chat! Please follow me on Twitter at @tkpleslie to see all the updates for this Blog Talk Radio chat. I will tag it: #DBCchat.
    I hope this will be helpful to everyone and I hope YOU will share your insights if you were there to all who will be listening who weren't able to attend. Thank you! 

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    why the united states education system is a fail system ?

    in Education

    We were told to go to school get good grades and you will end up with a good job. As you can see once you these things you get mounts of debt instead from school loans to defaults on your home loans. Listen to why the united states education system is design to fail the youth and how it has play us over the past generation. 

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    Get Real--Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft

    in Family

    Tonight Vickilynn welcomes Ray Gano to the show.

    Ray Gano is the author of he book "Survive the Coming Storm" and the websites - Survival 4 Christians and Prophezine, blogs at Survival 4 Christians blog, and shares educational preparedness videos on his YouTube channel. Ray teaches classes on preparedness and survival and is a popular speaker. He hosts the PRN radio show, PZ Radio, live every Tuesday at 3 PM Eastern. Join us for an informative discussion about preparedness and the coming storm with Ray Gano.

    Vickilynn's websites:

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    The Pulse

    in Art