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    The D-Spot: Joe Rumbolo

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    Coming up on The D-Spot, Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden will interview the amazing Joe Rumbolo.  Joe facilitates Self-empowerment, Manifestation, Transformation and the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your life. He does this work as an Ascension NOW! Transformational Life Empowerment Facilitator™ Certified in Spiritual Psychology, Divine Grace Healing Facilitator & Instructor, Manifest NOW! Facilitator, as the Founder of the Divine Human Activation, Seminar Author and Facilitator, Writer and Channel and as the host of Radio Talk Show Joe Rumbolo’s CLEAR VIBRATION on the Awakening Zone.

    The Emphasis in both his private sessions and in the workshops is always on Self-empowerment. Joe will not tell you which way to turn or anything that you should or should not be doing. What he will do is give you a view of yourself from a higher perspective, which will make it easier for you to see all of your choices more clearly. 

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    Songs of Inspirations on BNDS Jamz

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    After a stressful day why not wind down with Songs Of Inspiration.? Let the smooth vibes of contemporary gospel music ease your cares away.  Each song is different with a message that is guaranteed to speak into your situation.  Tune in now and let your soul be blessed.

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    Linda is a Doctor of Metaphysics and Ordained Minister. She is Certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Color & Sound Practitioner, Registered Spiritual Counselor, and Spiritual Medium. She received her degrees from Delphi University, the Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development and the Arthur Ford Academy in McCaysville, Georgia. She is recognized and registered with the International Registry of Spiritual Healers. Linda offers Divinely Channeled Spiritual Guidance through which she channels the Divine wisdom of your spirit guides, angels, masters and loved ones in spirit to bring through insight and inspiration to assist you on your life’s path. Linda also offers Vibrational Energy Healing which includes Sound and Crystal therapy to reestablish harmony within the physical and etheric bodies. Linda has established Dove of Light www.lindammartin.net ......Rev. Barbara E. Szafranski is a medium, psychic, channeller, lecturer, teacher and have been in the field for over 40 yrsRev. Barbara E. Szafranski dared to cross the line into the "City of Witches" and brought with her a world of angels. Her store Angelica of the Angels is a unique metaphysical shop located in downtown Salem. Angelica's offers a wide variety of products and services, including readings, classes, workshops, aura photography, gifts, books, incense, candles, jewelry, and other items that reflect the light and love which Angels bring! www.angelicaoftheangels.com....( I HAVE POSTED PICTURE OF MY FAMILY, THIS IS WHEN MY TWINS WHERE 6 MONTHS OLD, MOST YOU KNOW HOLLY MY DAUGHTER, NOW YOU CAN SEE HER PICTURE WITH HER BOTHER NICHOLAS! )

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    REBUILDING - Life After Death

    in Spirituality

    Rhiannon Faulkner (UK) of The Faulkner Tarot Channel and Cheryl Patton (USA), join in this one hour program to lend support to all who have lost a loved one through death. For 2011, let's move forward as a collective support. The chat room and telephone lines will be open for open discussion. This program is for everyone of all faiths and spiritual philosophies. All are welcome to find answers and comfort within their own spirituality and we do not encourage one path over another.

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    Praying for the Rain

    in Christianity

    Join us today for a special time of prayer and Bible reading. Today's main topic is "Praying for the Rain" and we will be mainly praying for revival in our great nation. Join me in the chat room or online to bring any prayer request. We will not limit our praying to revival but that will be the focus topic of the prayer and reading.

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    Innovation Bistro with Joey D aka Joe Dobzynski

    in Culture

    Welcome to Radio Ear Network providing information of positive value and direction.
    Innovation Bistro broadcasting in 140 countries 3550 cities on 4 networks is entering the wild and innovated world of Joseph Dobzynski where nothing is overlooked. Every week the Iconoclast looks at the pros and cons of the global community today. "If You Build It They Will Come " does not work in the world of business today...

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    Time Loops and Space Twists: Interview with Fred Alan Wolf

    in Self Help

    Steve welcomes best-selling author Fred Alan Wolf for a fascinating conversation about science, consciousness, and his Fred’s new book “Time Loops and Space Twists”. About the book: In his most important book since Taking the Quantum Leap, Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., explains how our understanding of time, space, and matter have changed in just the last few years, and how with these new ideas we have a glimpse into the "mind of God." Making comparisons to Hindu Vedic and Judeo-Christian cosmology, Dr. Wolf explains how the universal command of the Deity "Let there be light" now takes on a new scientific meaning: Everything is literally made of light and the reader will learn how quantum physics proves this is so.

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    Weekly Archangel Message

    in Spirituality

    Beginning this month, May 2011, Rachel Richmond your hostess of Awakening the Spirit, brings forward an alternating weekly archangel messages. With the success of the Weekly Archangel Raphael messages (with nearly no duplications) the Monday shows will begin to incorporate another mighty archangel - Archangel Michael. 
    The angel/archangel messages are non-denominational and yet all the angel messages build on each other to provide insight, clarity, healing, compassion, joy and well-being.  By incorporating these two archangels and/or rotating between them, a higher learning can come forward as a moment is taken to explore a deeper meaning - to move beyond the “face value”.
    The messages are my own interpretations that come in the form of an weekly affirmation and Spirit. Please know that any oracle card reading, etc. is for entertainment purposes and I do not support any particular religion, cause, nor attempting to convert other individuals.  As always, it is solely your responsibility for your life decisions. 

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    My Gospel Soul with Pastor Jennice Jackson

    in Spirituality

    April Shows:  Resurrection of Dead situations in Your life through Relationship with God! 
    Join Pastor Jennice Jackson for a Power Packed show of Devine Revelation.

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    Figuring Out Why

    in Family

    Thirteen years ago something happened that changed my life forever. It was a very divisive event, a very unexpected event, and something I wish wouldn't have happened the way it happened. The event changed the way I looked at people who I had known my entire life. It made me hesitate to approach life long friends, because I didn't want to hear their opinions about this event. I didn't want to be condemned and told how horrible my siblings and I were for making the hard decision we had to make. This weekend, I think I figured out why things unfolded the way they did. This weekend I found a sense of peace. This weekend I figured out why things happened the way they did. Join me to today as I walk through the why. Hopefully if you have something that has been bothering you, you will be able to figure out why things happened and find your own peace.

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    Soulmate Healing "Resurrecting Your Relationships"

    in Spirituality

    Change your life....discover the power given to youi by your God, your Divine Spirit.  Learn to heal yourself and claim your birthright of excellent health, prosperity, love, beauty, and much more!
    Join Rev. Mary Margaret for an hour of information and prayer..call with your questions.   Prayer healing facilitation, and spiritual messages are available for you! 

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