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As Real As It Gets is a radio show that discuss real life topics going on in our everyday life. Its host is Terence Anthony and Sophia Williams The Radio show will launched Thursday November 1st 2012 at 6:30pm EST. Shows air Wednesdays at 6:00pm EST and we will have a special show at times on Sundays as well. TUNE IN!!!!

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Have you ever heard of the Willie Lynch Letter? The letter was allegedly given in a speech by a man name Willie Lynch in 1712. The letter stated how to control black slaves for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. This Thursday... more

How many black men have died by the hands of another black man? Since Dec 14th 2012 my city has had 8 deaths due to black on black crime. I felt compelled to talk about it and black on black crime in general. Please join us as we... more

Join us this Thursday as we discuss the pros and cons of child support and debate the question of whether a person paying child support should get a monthly statement showing how their child support was spent.

Do you know the true story of the infiltration of hip hop? Join us this Thursday as we discuss the history of hip hop and the infiltration of hip hop.

Join us Sunday December 30 2012 at 6:30pm as we discuss the history of drugs and the war on drugs. We will discuss how it affected the black communities and who has suffered and who has made a profit off of this unending war on drugs!!... more

Join us today as we discuss Current Events going on in the world today. We will discuss Gun Control, Sandy Hook and much more!!! Show starts today at 6:30pm.

Have you been hearing the term "Fiscal Cliff" since the election? Join my co-host Raneisha T and I as we discuss the Fiscal Cliif that could send us into another recession or even a depression. We will break down the meaning of Fiscal Cliff... more

Join me today at 6:30pm as I discuss Michigan "Right-to-Work" controversy. This week many Union workers will march to Lansing and protest the newly approved Right-to-work law for Union members. Find out what this means for the state of... more

Grand Rapids City Procesutor Bill Forsyth is trying to sue the City of Grand Rapids for passing Prop 2 in the past election that would decriminalize Marijuana. The people of Grand Rapids have voted and he is trying to take away your... more

The Holiday Season is here!! There are alot of things people do or celebrate without knowing the true meaning of it. Do you know what a Christmas Tree really symbolizes? Join us Thursday @ 6:30pm EST as we discuss Pagan Holidays.... more