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As Real As It Gets is a radio show that discusses real life topics going on in our everyday life. Its host is Terence Anthony with Amber (AJ) Jones and Kristin (K'Mecca) Zuller as his co-hosts. The Radio show was first launched Thursday November 1st 2012 at 6:30pm EST. Shows air Thursdays at 8:00pm EST. TUNE IN!!!!

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Have you ever seen the movie Catfish or the MTV TV series name Catfish? Do you know what a "Catfish" is? Have you ever had a situation where you were tricked by a "Catfish"? Tomorrow's show is all about Catfish - (People who use... more

This Thursday's show is titled "Broke". Join my co-host Sophia Williams and I as we discuss celebrities and athletes who had millions and blew it all and are now broke. You dont want to miss these mind boggling stories. From former NFL QB... more

Ladies has stripping ever crossed your mind before? If you could make $1,000 a night stripping would you consider it? In the recent years Stripping has became the new "it" thing for women looking to make fast money that pays the... more

This week we will discuss current events goin on in the world. 1. We will talk about the 6 month old child that was shot 5 times in Chicago while her father was changing her diaper this week. 2. We will discuss the 16 year old boy being... more

Everyone knows someone who is either in jail or in prison. As of March 2, 2013 there are 2,212,172 people in U.S. Prisons and Jails and the number is steadily rising every day. Join us Thursday at 6:30pm as we discuss the Prison... more

Its been 1 year since Trayvon Martin was killed. What are your thoughts looking back on this a year later? Friday will be the the start of over 85 billion in tax cuts. Will Congress stop these cuts and who will these cuts affect? Join us... more

Black history comes every Feb. However why do black people get a month to discuss their history and then it goes away for the rest of the year? Why do black people only speak of their black history beginning with slavery? Join us this... more

Last week we had a interesting discussion on the Evolution of Homosexuality in America. Join us this week for part 2 as we try to answer questions that we did not get to. Show time is 6:30pm this Thursday 2/7/2013.

Are some people born gay? Or are people born heteoralsexaul but some how turn gay? Join us this Thursday at 6:30pm as we discuss this and we talk about the evolution of homosexuality in America.

This Thursday we ask the question: Should Welfare Receipents be drug tested to get benefits? Lets debate this hot topic. Feel free to call in and give your opinions and feedback this Thursday at 6:30pm