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As Real As It Gets is a radio show that discusses real life topics going on in our everyday life. Its host is Terence Anthony with Amber (AJ) Jones and Kristin (K'Mecca) Zuller as his co-hosts. The Radio show was first launched Thursday November 1st 2012 at 6:30pm EST. Shows air Thursdays at 8:00pm EST. TUNE IN!!!!

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Today's show will be about Good Hair. Some women would kill to have "GOOD HAIR" We will as the question what is GOOD HAIR? We will also discuss the billion dollar hair industry. Today join my special guest co-host Brianna and I on... more

Facebook is the topic for Sunday's show! The good, the bad, and the ugly with Facebook. Join Sophia Williams and I this Sunday @ 6:00pm

In relationships and life what does men and women want from each other? What do men look for in a woman and vice-versa? What do women and men avoid when dealng with each other? Join Sophia and I tomorrow as we discuss this... more

Did you know that many stories in the bible were actually stolen stories from ancient Egyptians? The story of Noah's Ark, The Immaculate Conception, and many other stories in the bible were actually stories stolen. Tune in this... more

A lot of Christians pass judgement on people and do not live up to the bible that they hold so near and dear. Like many religions, Christianity is full of hypocrites. Join my co-host Sophia Willams and I this Sunday at 6:00pm for an episode... more

Do you know who you really are and where you come from? Do you believe that as a whole black people are "lost". What is the root of the hatred of black people? What can be done to change this? These are the questions we will ask... more

Wednesday's at 6:00PM is the new day and time. The topic is Baby Momma's/Daddy's and the drama it brings. Join Sophia Williams and I tomorrow at 6:00pm. Call us at 602-753-1697 or stream the show live from the internet.

Charles Ramsey is a over night hero. He already has his own auto-tune song and has been on all the news shows. Tomorrow we will discuss his heroics and we will ask the question: Is Ramsey being exploited because of his heroics... more

We all know someone who is on welfare. It is there for people who are really in need. It is intended to help people until they get on their feet. However many people abuse welfare and are taking tax payers money without no intent on... more

On Thursday's show we will be discussing the Boston Marathon Bombing and the recent info to come out. Was this a false flag attack???? Lets discuss this tragedy and make sense of it. Join me tonight at 6:30pm.