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As Real As It Gets is a radio show that discusses real life topics going on in our everyday life. Its host is Terence Anthony with Amber (AJ) Jones and Kristin (K'Mecca) Zuller as his co-hosts. The Radio show was first launched Thursday November 1st 2012 at 6:30pm EST. Shows air Thursdays at 8:00pm EST. TUNE IN!!!!

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Are you dating or have you ever dated a Mr. Wrong? Can you tell if your involved with Mr. Wrong? Are you involved with Mr. Wrong and just dont care?

The Holiday Season is upon us with Thanksgiving leading off as the first holiday of the season. This Thursday on As Real As It Gets we discuss the truth about Thanksgiving with the Title of the show being called. "Thankgiving: Hell Day"... more

We will discuss the differences between Christianity and Afrikan Consciousness. Show airs this Thursday Nov, 14th at 6:00pm. If you want to know the truth and receive some insight and knowledge on these two practices tune in Thursday to... more

This Thursday marks the one year Anniversary of my show As Real As It Gets. On this show we will talk about the year in review and discuss the topics that we covered. Also I will let you know what to look for in year two of the show. Join... more

Are Black Christians Uncle Toms? We will break down Black people's beliefs and the contradictions found in their beliefs. Tune into As Real As It Gets today at 6:00pm.

This Thursday's show is all about the Government shutdown. We will discuss why we are at a shutdown and we will discuss the details of the shutdown and who will it affect long term.
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Is there a such thing as Angry Black Woman Syndrome? A study was done to see what race men prefer and least perfer and black woman came last with every race including Black Men! One of the men asked said that black women are jus... more

This week on As Real As It Gets radio we will be dicussing several things that happened in the news this week. 1. We will talk about the Navy Yard shooting in D.C. 2. We will discuss the killing of the unarmed former Florida A&M football... more

Obama planning on striking Syria. Ariel Castro commiting suicide and much more. Join us tomorrow for Current Events on As Real As It Gets. Show starts at 6:00pm

Can the opposite sex be just friends or does it always lead to much more? That is the question we are asking tomorrow on As Rea As It Gets Radio show! Showtime is at 6:00pm. Call 602-753-1697 to listen by phone or tune in by... more