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Aquatic Wetline is a tropical fish keeping show that focuses on Saltwater and Freshwater fish. There is a fish show for every fish keeper out there! Aqua Alex has been keeping fish ever since he was 12 years old. Aqua Alex may be a young fish keeper since he is only 23 years old, but he is very passionate about the aquarium hobby and he can't wait to chat fish with you! Aquatic Wetline has been running for 3 years now and we are getting stronger and stronger.

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When people first see a Silverdollar fish at the fish store or pet store or in someone's aquarium they will automaticlly think it's a piranha. Silverdollars are very close relatives of piranhas, heck I refer to them as the vegan piranhas. Metynnis silverdollars are cool and all but they only come with a few species available to the aquarium hobby. One of my all time favorite fish species that I've kept is the Myleus silverdollar family. They have long ''hook anal fins'' which have plenty of color, they get pretty good size, have lots of color and are very nice. Redhooks, Black Bars are some of the most commonly available and are my favorite. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ INFORMATION ON MYLEUS ~ KEEPING AND CARING FOR MYLEUS REDHOOKS AND BLACK BARS ~ DIET, TANK SIZE, TANKMATES, ETC ~ FUN FACTS ON MYLEUS Enjoy the show!
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