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Hosts Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin & Janet KIra Lessin discuss Ancient Aliens, Anunnaki, Extraterrestrials, Conspiracy, Metaphysics, All-Chakra Tantra, Spirituality, Lovestyles, Sacred Sexuality, Relationship Choice, Counseling, Tantra, Choice, Do-It-Yourself Counseling, World Peace, Ancient Anthropology, Ancient Archeology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Paranormal, Pastlives, Life After Death, Life Between Lives, Dreams, Astral Travel & Projection, Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, Aliens, Experiencers, Contactees, Abductees (Experiencer's Network) & ET Contact, Aliens, Interdimensionals, Planet X, Nibiru, Multiverses, Archeology, Dimensions, Time Travel, Teleportation, Sustainability, Ecology, Enviornment and more.

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Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin host Cosmic College on Freedom Talk Radio ~ ~ Fridays, 9 to 10 PM Eastern Time. Learn of the mendacious miasma, the matrix that mangles our minds. From... more
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SACRED MATRIX CREATES DIVINE DESIGN, HONORS CONSCIOUSNESS by Janet Kira Lessin On our radio show, the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio yesterday, the trolls in the chat were activated, in full flame mode. I pondered... more

Six thousand years ago, men from Nibiru dictated Enuma elish--the Creation Epic--to the Sumerians. Nibiru, a planet that revolves around the dark dwarfstar Nemesis, 49 AU from our sun, invaded our solar system some 400 billion years... more

Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin read and comment as they read, A Thought Experiment by Dr. Darrel W. Ray, Ed.D, from his book, The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture.Imagine this scenario: You have a... more

Janet and Dr. Sasha Lessin read then comment on a blog Peter Wroblewski wrote after hearing Preston Nichols speak on time travel and alternative realities. Time is an illusion of the current now, permeable, changeable by consciousness... more

Yes, we are in an alien controlled world. They created us. Ninmah is the Mother of Humanity and she's one of the white hats, the good ones, the best of the best. She's an ishideva, a model, an archetype for the rest of us which resonates with... more

?By around 2050 B.C.? writes Neil Freer, the Nibirans, whom our ancestors called the "Anunnaki" (Those Who Came Down from the Sky) ?had gone into their final phase-out mode. The human population and the foremen kings, now left... more

Welcome to the Ascension Center, a virtual reality of expanded consciousness. At the Ascension Center we feature ideas designed to facilitate ascension -- moving from this dimension to higher levels of awareness of the continuum and... more

Come to Stargate to the Cosmos, An intimate conference, June 7, 8 & 9th, 2013 in Las Vegas (Henderson), Nevada. Transport yourself to new realities at the Stargate to the Cosmos, where you meet and talk one to one with speakers and... more

12-foot tall, technologically-advanced Homo Sapien ETs from the planet Nibiru programmed war on us. They enslaved, genocided, and indebted us. They modeled hierarchy, woman-degrading and Narcissism We deprogram ourselves... more

Humanity owes its existence and survival to Thoth, whose ancient name was Ningishzidda, the greatest architect, geneticist and musician on Earth. He joined Ninmah and his father Enki, creating us, the slave race, and made us able to... more
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