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Hosts Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin & Janet KIra Lessin discuss Ancient Aliens, Anunnaki, Extraterrestrials, Conspiracy, Metaphysics, All-Chakra Tantra, Spirituality, Lovestyles, Sacred Sexuality, Relationship Choice, Counseling, Tantra, Choice, Do-It-Yourself Counseling, World Peace, Ancient Anthropology, Ancient Archeology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Paranormal, Pastlives, Life After Death, Life Between Lives, Dreams, Astral Travel & Projection, Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, Aliens, Experiencers, Contactees, Abductees (Experiencer's Network) & ET Contact, Aliens, Interdimensionals, Planet X, Nibiru, Multiverses, Archeology, Dimensions, Time Travel, Teleportation, Sustainability, Ecology, Enviornment and more.

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Join the Ascension Center, Wednesdays on Aquarian Radio with Hosts Janet Kira Lessin and TJ Morris (Theresa J Morris) Wednesdays, 2 to 3 PM, HST, 7 to 8 PM Central Time, 8 to 9 PM Eastern Time. On this show we discuss extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, spirituality, paranormal and more plus the process of awakening humanity as we prepare for ascension. When we ascend we access other realms and realities reconnect to GodSource, remember who we are as external beings. Conscious once again we co-create a new paradigm for life and living and existence becomes more kind, loving and conscious. For more information, articles see: or
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?Jesus was just one of many prophets or messiahs who were carefully planned by the Anunnaki [Nibirans Who Came in Rockets] gods to keep humanity fearful and obedient to the great gods [Enlil/Yahweh and Marduk/Allah] who ruled the... more

ADAMITE SLAVES MINED; ENKI MISCEGENATION UPGRADED ADAMITE SLAVES TO ADAPITE SUPERSLAVES: Internet Radio & Illustrated Article by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.) See illustrations and get the full... more

Marduk, we learn in later episodes, becomes ALLAH, laments to his father ENKI (who becomes ADENOI NIBIRU'S PERIGEE KILLED MARS GOLD TRANSHIPMENT BASE Rockets from the planet Nibiru reached Earth best... more

Pastlives portray present problems and pleasures. A pastlife can exaggerate and explain your agony, ecstasy, confusion or compulsion. You can feel current, childhood and even birth joy and pain as though it belonged to someone you... more

REPARENT YOURSELF Pt 2: You invoke your Inner Parents to help you consider one of your current concerns.

Lovestyles: HOW A WOMAN CAN ACHIEVE ENLIGHTENMENT WHEN SHE LOVES TWO OR THREE MEN AT THE SAME TIME Join Hosts Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph. D. & Janet Kira Lessin. On Lovesytles, you choose the style of... more

Chakra 5: Throat & Ears: Dr. Sasha & Janet Kira Lessin help you center yourself, witness your context, and choose the degree you reveal your thoughts or keep them to yourself. SPEAK OR STAY SILENT, BUT SING. Hear each of... more

Janet Kira Lessin tells how four-foot tall Greys and U.S. soldiers took her and her lover to an alien/U.S. Military underwater base beneath Johnston Atoll.

REPARENT YOURSELF, Part 1: Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin show you how to stop unthinkingly imposing on yourself self-limiting things parents, society and religion imprinted on you. You learn to keep the parental and cultural programs... more

300,000 years ago,Enki, Chief Scientist for the goldmining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth, his son Ningishzidda and Chief Medical Officer Ninmah engineered Nibiran genes and those of Homo Erectus to make us, their slave... more
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