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Richard & Linda Smith~01/12/18~Experiencer's Network~Host Janet Kira Lessin

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The Love Bite – is an orchestrated extraterrestrial pairing between two targeted human beings. It is an extraterrestrial instigated “staged” relationship through manipulation, emotional and sexual bonding often resulting in a dramatic love obsession in one or both partners. 

Most of the targeted humans have multiple abduction histories. They have had numerous encounters and or ufo sightings. The relationship between the two bonded individuals is such that both are magnetically attracted to one another often in unlikely situations. When they both meet in “real” life there is an instant sense of recognition and the couple may fall in love often in unlikely situations. Such is the case with Richard and Linda Smith.  Both Linda and Richard are multi-generational extraterrestrial experiencers. When they first met the connection was so strong that they both felt as if they were under a love spell.

A first meeting of the pre-bonded couple may set off a series of déjà vu memories or flash back memories of abductions or dream related bondings. When they met in “real” life on December 11, 1995 there was an instant recognition between them both. Richard and Linda have shared many stories with each other over the years of their abduction memories. They realized that they share many similar memories of being with the same person over the years but it was always during one of their ufo abductions experiences. It has been reported that there is such a strong emotional, mental and even psychic connection with the bonded partner – such that it sets up the conditions and desire for them to meet one another. The connection can be so strong that it has been described as a soul immersion with their beloved.

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