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Nibirians Mapped Eden's Rivers - Even If Buried & Moved

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Ancient Iraqis--called Sumerians--wrote on cuneiform tablets that the giant (8 - 12 foot-tall) Homo Sapien ET goldminers from the planet Nibiru--whom the Sumerians called "Anunnaki--People-From-the-Sky--re-populated Earth with survivors descended from the preferred lines of Earthling slaves.  300,000 years ago, to work their African goldmines, the Anunnaki  engineered the original line of slaves from their own genome, especially from the genes of their Chief Scientist, Enki and his son, Ningishzidda.  Enki added mitocondrial DNA from his sister Ninmah and  a little clay, copper and genetic material from Homo Erectus (ancestor of modern Bigfoot).   200,000 years ago,  Enki added more of his genes to create a mating pair of Earthlings that bred his surviving son, Ka-in.  Ka-in's descendants wound up surviving the Deluge of 11,000 B.C. on rafts on lake Titicaca atop the Andes.