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Nibiru's Moons Then Nibiru Hit Earth

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NIBIRU’S MOONS, THEN NIBIRU, HIT EARTH: Lessin Article, Web Radio Show, Sitchin Youtube
Sumerians of 6000 years ago, on clay tablets known as the enuma elish, recorded what their tall masters–people like us but bigger--dictated.  The masters (called “the Anunnaki”) posed as gods.  They rocketed from the planet Nibiru to Earth to mine gold.  The scribes recorded the gods’ anthropomorphic tale about how our solar system formed.  The descriptions the scribes wrote accurately predicted the existence, composition and orbits of planets, moons, comets and asteroids thousands of years before our scientists could test and confirm their implicit predictions.  
Click the link below to read all the deep and newly rediscovered Celestial Battle, as it is called, in the enuma. You’ll be able to peruse diagrams and grog powerful illustrations.
key words: earth, enuma elish, kingu, nibiru, proto-earth