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Thoth: Geneticist Who Created Humanity

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Humanity owes its existence and survival to Thoth, whose ancient name was Ningishzidda, the greatest architect, geneticist and musician on Earth. He joined Ninmah and his father Enki, creating us, the slave race, and made us able to breed with each other. 

Thoth built the Sinai Spaceport and the Giza Pyramids and hid tablets in the Halls of Amenti) under the Pyramid. He also built and was the initial face on the Sphinx. Enlilites counted Thoth, though an Enkiite, an ally, since Enlil was, though his mother, Ereshkigal, Thoth’s grandfather. Both Enkiites and Enlilites accepted Thoth, so the Commander, at the Peace Treaty of 8670 B.C., made Thoth ruler of Egypt. Then Thoth’s older brother Ra/ Marduk returned from exile and, for the next 350 years, sent armies in Egypt against him. Enki, in 4350BC, ordered Thoth to leave Egypt to Marduk.

Thoth moved on: he build the Stonehenge observatory, then, in 3113 B.C., boated Sumerian overseers and Black technicians with him to Mesoamerica, where descendants of Ka-in, whom he'd marked with facial hairlessnes