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Enki Speaks: Abraham - ET Dictated Cuneiform Clay Tablets

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Hosted by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Abraham slavishly obeyed the Nibiran Enlil, Commander of the goldmining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth.

Enlil hid the vision that led him to choose Abraham as general of his cavalry.  Abraham descended from our hybrid Homo Erectus-Nibiran Homo Sapien ancestors who slaved for the Nibirans.  Nibiran scientists on Earth–Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda created our species.  Their fellow mining personnel trained us hybirds to serve them in their temples, gardens, harems and armies. Abraham descended directly from Enki’s son Ziasudra (Noah) and Ziasudra’s son Shem.

In 8650 BC, Enlil had ordered Shem’s descendants to rule Canaan, the area north of the Sinai Spaceport. But descendants of Shem’s brother Ham, who were supposed to stay to the south and west–in Africa--the rival Enkiite lineage's area took the Canaan strip of the Arabian Peninsula. Enkiites Marduk and his son Nabu made allies among these Hamites for Marduk’s push to wrest the Sinai Spaceport from Enlil's son's son, Utu, the Enlilite boss of the astronauts and scientists running the spaceport. Enlil chose Abraham, a royal of Ur, who had married to his half-sister, Princess Sarai (her name's later changed to SARAH) as his principle Earthling agent. Abraham descended from Ziasudra's son Shem, was perfect to re-establish Enlil’s rule of Canaan, protect Sinai and rule the Hamites.

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