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Enki Speaks: ETs Hooked Us On Money 3600 BC

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King Anu of the planet Nibiru, on his 3800BC visit to Tiahuanaco atop the Andes, said to the Nibiran Earth Goldmining Expedition chiefs oon Earth:


‘If Mankind, not Anunnaki, to inherit the Earth is destined, let us destiny help.  Give Mankind knowledge, up to a measure secrets of heaven and Earth them teach, laws of justice and righteousness teach them, then depart and leave.“ 


After Anu and Antu flew back to Nibiru, their rocket filled with gold, Marduk raged at the regions of influence Anu gave his rivals.  Marduk said Inanna blamed him for Dumuzi’s death which she herself caused.  Now, Marduk whined, Inanna consorted with Anu, who gave her reign over the Indus Basin, as well as Uruk.  Enlil told Adad to guardthe Enlilite South American facilities from Marduk while the other Nibiran Earth Mission leaders returned to Sumer.


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