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Enki Speaks: Marduk's Descendants Fight Over Egypt 4330 BC

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After the Deluge, 13,000 years ago, after the Chiefs of the Goldmining Expedition from the Planet Nibiru to Earth completed their new spaceport in Sinai, Enlil/Yahweh, their Commander, divied up turf.  He gave Chief Scientist Enki/Adoni control of Africa as well as his estate in Basara, on the Persian Gulf. 

Enki, in turn, gave each of his sons African Territories.  He gave his heir, Marduk, Egypt.  Marduk gave the rich Nile Delta to Osiris, his eldest son.  Seth, Marduk’s next son, was given Upper Egypt, closer to the spaceport Marduk and Astronaut Commander Shamgaz were preparing to overrun.  Osiris and Seth married Shamgaz’s daughters, Isis and Nephthys.

Seth, Nephthys and Shamgaz murdered Osiris, but Isis impregnated herself with his sperm and bore Horus, who defeated Seth.  Seth retreated to Canaan and ruled the Earthlings there, Enkiite-loyal descended from Noah’s son Ham.

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