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On the Aquatic Wetline, we discuss everything and anything Freshwater fish. Your host is Oscar Alex Cardinale from Springfield, MA who has been keeping fish for over 12 years. He specializes in Oscar cichlids, silverdollars, and monster fish. We cover everything aquatic and we provide a podcast that is for everyone in the aquarium hobby whether your a beginner or an advanced hobbyists. With awesome guests, co-hosts, and more you'll learn something new and have fun with the fish keeping hobby by listening to this awesome fish keeping podcast! Hosted by a fish keeper for a fish keeper!

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On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex will be interviewing a man and fish keeper who is very popular here on Blogtalkradio! This will be our 7th guest in the series fish keeper's United! Oscar Alex has the honor and prividelege of interviewing Mr. Beasley Brown! Beasley has appeared on some of the biggest shows here on Blogtalkradio and has been paid to be a guest. So Aquatic Wetline is really honored to Welcome Beasley as a guest. Beasley keeps fish and has been on the AW before as a caller. Oscar Alex and Beasley will have a unscripted 1 on 1 LIVE fish discussion that will be awesome! Come and join us! Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the chat!
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On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline,Oscar Alex will be answering all of your awesome questions you have sent to me. Come on fish keepers come on and ask Oscar Alex a question! This awesome series is for you. Any fish keeper is... more

On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex will be doing his 4th episode of Oscar Cichlid Keeper's Hour! This is an awesome series thus far and I can't wait to do this awesome episode of Oscar Cichlid Keepers. I have a good... more

On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Corydoras Breeder Lynn Mathney returns to the Aquatic Wetline for the first time in 2015! But this time, Lynn is our 6th guest on Fish Keeper's United! This is going to be another awesome Fish Keeper's... more

On this episode of Oscar Cichlid Keeper's Hour, Oscar Alex welcomes his very first of many Oscar Cichlid guests to the show! Alex welcomes fellow Oscar Cichlid lover, Antonio Martina to the show! Antonio has loved Oscar cichlids for... more

On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex and his co-host Discus Man William T. will be discussing Ich. Ich is a diease most fish get and Ich can kill fish if it's not treated right away! Ich is a pain in the butt and most fish... more

On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex will be comparing Freshwater aquariums to saltwater aquariums! These are the 2 main categories of the Aquarium keeping hobby. Freshwater is best known for having simple... more

On the 2nd episode in our new series Oscar Cichlid Keepers Hour, Oscar Alex will be discussing the very cute juvenille baby Oscar cichlids. Baby Oscar Cichlids are seen at every fish and pet stores. Matter of fact most oscars sold in the... more

On our 5th episode of Fish Keeper's United, Aqua Alex or as he is now known as Oscar Alex will be reuniting with a special fish keeper who he has a long history with and is good friends with. But who is Alex and the Aquatic... more

On this episode of Life in the Amazon, Oscar Alex will be discussing all the reptiles that live in the Amazon. A few weeks ago, we talked about the Anaconda snake which is famous for living in the Amazon! Today, we will discuss all of the... more