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The Aquatic Wetline is an online fish keeping podcast hosted by Aqua Alex Cardinale who is a freshwater fish lover for over 10 years. Aqua Alex will discuss cichlids, catfish, oddballs, and everything freshwater. Plus we will interview freshwater fish enthusiasts and learn a lot! If you love freshwater fish, this podcast is for you! We are the one and only fish podcast that started it all, live broadcasts and we have inspired others.

Upcoming Broadcasts

On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, the new show host for Saturday Mr. Jimmy Cardinale debuts. Jimmy wants to discuss one of his personal favorite fish on his first episode. Jimmy will be discussing the pike cichlid! Pike cichlids are a wonderful cichlid that comes from South America! Pike cichlids are very common in the aquarium hobby and are loved by everyone! Jimmy will discuss the kinds of pike cichlids, how to care for pike cichlids, tankmates for pikes and more! You can call in LIVE at 347-989-8142 to ask questions!
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On-Demand Episodes

On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline Online Radio, Aqua Alex will discuss one of his all time favorite South American Characins and Tetras, the Silverdollar. Alex has done a show in the past on Silverdollars, but this will be a much better... more

On this special episode of the Aquatic Wetline Radio, Aqua Alex and the Aquatic Wetline Radio team up with Blue View Aquatics LIVE at the Eastfield mall! Blue View Aquatics will be on location selling some awesome fish items for... more

On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Aquatic Plant Doctor Russell Sakay has an awesome show in store for us! Tonight Russell has 2 awesome topics in store for us. Russell will walk us through how DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) works in... more

Aqua Alex welcomes back to the show his good friend, Mr. Josh Rodriguez, owner of Blue View Aquatics right here in Springfield MA. Last time we had Josh on the show, Josh introduced us to his business Blue View Aquatics. Tonight... more

On this episode of Expert hour, Aquatic Doctor Russell Sakay will be telling Aqua Alex and all the listeners how you can build a tank of your dreams. Let's face it, all us fish keepers dream of having a tank of our dreams! Come tune into this... more

On this special episode to kick start your week, Aqua Alex and Aquatic Doctor Russell Sakay break the show into 2 segments. This will be a very fun show! In the very first half hour, Aqua Aqua will finish uo the Aquarium 101 series by... more

On this special episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex and Aquatic Doctor Russell Sakay will be celebrating World's Ocean Day! Russell will explain what this day is and the importance of this day for our world's Oceans!!!!! If you love... more

On this week's Expert series, the Aquatic Doctor Mr. Russell Sakay will be discussing Discus Cichlids! :) Discus cichlids are loved by many freshwater fish enthusiats and they are quite beatuful! However, they can be kind of trick to... more

On this show, we will have some fun!!!! Our guest tonight is Mr. Chris Ernst, a rock star singer and tropical fish keeper. We will be combing 2 things most male fish keepers love Music and tropical fish with this fun show!!!! :) Chris Ernst is... more