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LOVING LEARNING- Rediscovering the Joy Hosted by APS teachers, Christine DiDomenico, Simone Padur and Sylvia Puentes Join us every week, beginning Monday, February 1, at 12:30 Pacific, to talk about kids, teachers, parents, education, home and so much more.

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Summer's here! Are you relieved or are you worried or a combination? And what about your kids? A different take on all of that with tips and tools you can use right NOW, join Sylvia Puentes, APS Teacher and Anne Maxwell, APS Director.

Have you ever had a student or even an entire class that just doesn't listen? You have material to get through, standards to meet, administrators and parents to please and the non-listeners get in the way of you accomplishing all that is... more

We've all been through it as teachers. You start the day and nothing goes right. It's like all your students got up on the wrong side of the bed. Everything you prepared for the day is not working and you feel like pulling your hair out. What... more

Are you a teacher who is often overwhelmed with all the demands of your work? Are your students needs always a priority over your own needs? Do you feel tired and never able to keep up? What if there is a different possibility? Join the... more

Did you know we all have superpowers? Do you know what your superpowers are? These are the special talents and abilities we all have but often don't acknowledge? They are often not acknowledged because they are not valued... more

Do you have students who have poor self-esteem and are low performers? Have they put labels on themselves that interfere with academic improvement? Do they put limitations on themselves that may not be real? This week our special... more

As parents we always want what is best for our children in all areas of their lives. When they go to school we leave our kids in the hands of the teachers and staff at their schools. We want them to connect with their teachers and receive... more

Have you ever had the experience of creating a lesson plan that you think is great and the kids will love it, and then it just doesn't work? What do you do? Do you keep going and teach the lesson even when you know it's not working? If you... more

It can often be difficult for kids with autism to function in the classroom. Teachers have so many kids with a variety of needs, so it can be difficult to provide for all student needs. Parents want what's best for their children and often get... more

There are so many beliefs and view points about children with autism and so many methods and techniques that are suggested by specialists. Parents and teachers just want to do what is best for the child yet the choices can be... more