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Maiden Voyage Ministries is a bridge over troubled waters. It is a shining light in a dark world. We live in a very complex and incomprehensible matrix. We understand very little about the world we live in and even less about ourselves. So far nothing has worked to bring us all together. We strive for unity, community, fellowship, solidarity, unification, and that feeling of togetherness and we fail miserably. Our world is slowly dying. We are destroying ourselves, depleting our resources, poisoning our air, water, and land. People are suffering all over the world.Children are starving, innocents are being slaughtered all in the name of God and so called democracy. What if anything can we do to turn this around or at least slow it down and help people once again to feel a sense of peace and security. Tune in as we explore these many challenges that we are all faced with everyday. We invite you to make this station a regular part of your life. Enjoy the program. Share it with friends, family, and coworkers.
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Tonight I will be talking about the essence of consciousness, reality and being. We will discuss the importance of linguistically based reality, culture, tradition, dogma and social interaction as well as science. We will touch on human... more

Josephine is an adopted only child that grew up in the Pacific Northwest until her father joined the military and she moved around to several states until settling in Texas. After 18 years, she moved back to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to... more

We are live, in your face, rubber meets the road alternative radio. Bring us your lost, confused, depressed, stressed, psychotic, neurotic questions, answers, theories, philosophies, hypothesis. Jack is coming out of the box tonight. We are... more

we have been working in cross promotion for one year now and the thing that we find most disturbing is just how lazy some are when it comes to really getting down to work and giving the same as you receive. sure folks want that worthless... more

About Mark Giglio: I started my adult life with an honorable discharge from the Air Force followed by a degree in English. Along came a wife and a baby boy. Circumstances lead me to follow my own bent and not the one I studied. I feel I... more

please anyone of you tell me what we are getting done here. I want all of you to really think about this and give me an answer. what are you doing that you can report that is above and beyond this bull shit here on fake book. how is this... more

Tonight on this episode I will be talking about the tremendous and explosive power of cross promotion. We have done this before but as we can see it is never enough. This concept of cross promotion needs to be screamed from the... more

I implore all of you to give this show a chance. It will change your life forever. So many are struggling with personal issues - lack of employment, unable to pay bills, loose friendships, bad relationships, faultering businesses, government... more

TyLeishia L. Douglass is a native of Baltimore Maryland and a voice of hopefor this generation. Douglass is an author, online radio talk host, promoter, public speaker and published author. TyLeishia is on a mission to encourage and... more

Tonight I will be speaking from personal experience. After having countless relationships including marriage. We will get down to the nitty gritty talking about what makes relationships work or not work. We will start at the basics - meeting... more
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