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"A Rifleman never stops learning, a Rifleman never stops teaching. A Rifleman continuously seeks ways to to protect the freedoms and liberties the Founding Fathers left us, to improve himself, his home, his family, his community, his state and his nation, everyday of his life. A Rifleman adapts, a Rifleman overcomes and a Rifleman persists. This is not just some fancy gilded rhetoric we throw around like popcorn and pennies. This is the code we live by here. There is nothing wrong, no matter how often the mass of talking heads tells you it is wrong, or outdated, or corny, stupid and cavemanish, with having a code to live by in your life. Modern Americans have forgotten their code. They have forgotten how to be Americans. We are here to help them remember."-Scout BattleRoad is dedicated to teaching the skills, techniques and mindset needed to defend yourself and your loved ones in real world scenarios, as well as making sure you have the information needed to help you become a Defender of Liberty

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I want to finish up last week's discussion on starting fires and purchasing and storing bulk dry foods and medicines. I also want to go over the lessons learned from the last 11 days of the Precision Rifle and Stalking and Camouflage courses. We had a great week and half here at BattleRoadUSA and I want to share some of the information I learned with you. You can call in b dialing 347-308-8790 and following the call screeners instructions. Hope to see you there!
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The American Revolution didn't start out of the blue on April 19th, 1775. It was not a spontaneous uprising of farmers who swarmed on the British Regulars that day as a careful manipulation of history by the men who handled recording... more

"The Time Monkey" by Fred from appleseedinfo.org

  • by Rifleman
Having you ever been dissed by your friends? Sure, you expect your enemies to be dismissive, but a dis from people you expect to be on your side has to be even more painful. Likewise when you discover an instance of the US Army dissing... more

If you got up this morning after a Rip Van Winkle snooze and read the newspaper, you would not really know what country you were in today. So many changes in our nation and so much turmoil and strife currently, but just because you read... more

“Take sides, my fellow Americans…” by Fred, from Appleseeinfo.org

  • by Rifleman
Get off your stadium seat, and get down into the arena! You are not winning anything, while part of the audience. In fact, you CAN’T win anything, as part of the audience - unless someone else, down in the arena, wins it for you - and... more

These times do indeed try men's souls. Now more than ever are we in need of the men who will stay, stand the course, united in the toughest of times we have faced in the last half century of tough times, I mean tough for our nation. For... more

The Time Monkey, by Fred from appleseedinfo.org/blog

  • by Rifleman
We say at Appleseeds - those weekend heritage and rifle marksmanship events put on by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association - that our instructors have “a time monkey on their back.” By that we mean there’s a lot to... more

How much will it take to finally be too much? How far can Americans be pushed before something breaks? And what will it take to wake the masses so that they will even know they are supposed to be heading towards a breaking point.... more

Having fun at Appleseed, bby Fred from appleseedinfo.org

  • by Rifleman
Even if the ship is sinking, there’s nothing to say you can’t have fun while you’re saving it. Heck, even the saving of it - the bailing - offers a satisfaction that’s close to joy. But in this case, to make the irony of it more pointed, let’s change the... more

Appleseed is a rifle marksmanship and safety organization that teaches an intense three part story of American history. The story of folks who did not sit idle and assume that they would be taken care of by their government. The decided that... more

What does it take to live the life of a "Rifleman"? What does it take to be an American? What does it take to be an American? Are you an American just because you were born here? Are you a Rifleman just because ou own a rifle?... more
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