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"A Rifleman never stops learning, a Rifleman never stops teaching. A Rifleman continues to seek ways to to protect the freedom the Founding Fathers left us, to improve himself, his home and family, his community, his state and his country, everyday of his life. A Rifleman adapts, a Rifleman overcomes and a Rifleman persists. This is not just some fancy gilded rhetoric we throw around like popcorn and pennies. This is the code we live by here. There is nothing wrong, no matter how often the mass of talking heads tells you it is wrong, or outdated, or corny, stupid and cavemanish, with having a code to live by in your life. Modern Americans have forgotten their code. They have forgotten how to be Americans. We are here to help them remember." Scout The Revolutionary War Veterans Association's Appleseed Project is dedicated to teaching an intense rifle marksmanship and safety course. But the RWVA Appleseed Project is much more than a marksmanship organization and much more than a social organization. It is a direct link back to America's Founding Fathers and instruction about what the duties of a "Rifleman" are today in America. A Rifleman adapts, a Rifleman overcomes and a Rifleman persists. Find out what it means to be called a "Rifleman" and what it takes to live a "Rifleman's Life".

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America has been a country filled with Riflemen at many different points and times in our history. Sometimes more than others, sometimes less. Right now we are less. How do we fix this? How do we make folks understand the importance of... more

Putting the skills and preparation together

Broadening your perspective, to make good preparation choices. Survival isn't good enough, we want to thrive.

We have covered the battles of Princeton and Trenton before on the show, but I do not think they can be discussed enough. The hardships the Colonials endured and the strength and courage it took to not only to fight in this horrible weather,... more

We have covered fire before on the show and it is time to go over it again as well as making sure you are working on your first aaid program. When I talk with folks about their fire skills, I will hear people all the time tell me they have flint... more

We have spoken many times about the importance of creating and running a dry fire game in order to help you build your rifle marksmanship skills and to maintain them over the year in between visits to the rifle range. Your dry fire game is very... more

Join us tonight as we discusss the seeds of The American Revolution. You might think that 1775 was the beginning, but the seeds which eventually grew into revolution and into the birth of a new nation were being sown in the revolutions... more

After along hiatus off the air, I felt compelled to speak to you. When we were a young nation, with no financial capital and minimal government, we still needed to provide the minimum essential services to keep people safe and secure in their... more

Join me tonight for The Rifleman Radio Show, 7:00PM CST with our Guest John Hurth of TYR Group LLC. John Hurth is the founder and CEO of TYR GROUP LLC. John is a retired Special Forces A Team member, Combat Veteran with... more

Matt Sexton is our guest tonight on The Rifleman Radio Show, 7:00PM CST Matt Sexton has been a Knox County County Deputy Sheriff, serving as a S.W.A.T. Team member and Major Crimes Detective for the last 19 years. He has... more
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