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"A Rifleman never stops learning, a Rifleman never stops teaching. A Rifleman continuously seeks ways to to protect the freedoms and liberties the Founding Fathers left us, to improve himself, his home, his family, his community, his state and his nation, everyday of his life. A Rifleman adapts, a Rifleman overcomes and a Rifleman persists. This is not just some fancy gilded rhetoric we throw around like popcorn and pennies. This is the code we live by here. There is nothing wrong, no matter how often the mass of talking heads tells you it is wrong, or outdated, or corny, stupid and cavemanish, with having a code to live by in your life. Modern Americans have forgotten their code. They have forgotten how to be Americans. We are here to help them remember."-Scout BattleRoad is dedicated to teaching the skills, techniques and mindset needed to defend yourself and your loved ones in real world scenarios, as well as making sure you have the information needed to help you become a Defender of Liberty

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We have a tendency to wait until the last minute to do anything. And we can usually pull it off at the last minute for most things. However, there are some cases where this just won't work, and being prepared to feed and defend... more

Tonight will be our second part in a series of discussions with Sparks31 on "Grid Down" communications. BattleRoad will be hosting a class with Sparks31 in December and we are sponsoring these discussions to help prepare for the... more

Tonight we will discuss the current immigration problems facing America. What is happening along the borders of America and what we might face down the road from unchecked illegal immigration. Mexico just signed a special agreement... more

Sparks31 is an experienced instructor in communications for use in home and in the field. He is an expert in the equipment and procedures which can be used in all situations, but has become most well known for the teaching about the... more

Logic tells us that if something can not go on forever, then it will end. The way we are running the nation today can not go on forever, so it must end. What will happen when it ends? How will it end? What are you doing to prepare for the... more

A lot of folks say we are at the end of an era. That we have run the nation, the world, the earth, into the dirt and into the last chapter of our current, modern history. There is talk of our own nation freezing up financially, of banks and Wall... more

Join me tonight to discuss the importance of running a good dry fire game on a regular basis. I have talked about this before, but I want to make sure I am reminding folks that the best way to keep your skills sharp is to make sure you... more

On September 1st, 1774, General Thomas Gage, Royal Governor of The Massachusetts Bay Colonies, responded to the protests of the Massachusetts Bay Colonists, who were upset by years of opression and the implementation of "The... more

So many folks think that being prepared means you have to be prepared for anything and everything, all at once, or not at all. It is that all or nothing thing that kills most folks plans who are thinking about starting their preps. If you can... more

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