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On life's journey without indigenous historic knowledge is engine without oil

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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How can anyone go through life without knowing the Sumerian history of Africa human origins, which began at least 200,000 years ago, by the Nibiru gods--based on their DNA fertilization in vitro--in glass tubes. "They came to Earth thousands of years ago, and the need for intelligent help led to ushering in mankind's first New Age of scientific growth and spiritual enlightenment. Under the guidance of these ancient visitors from the heavens, human civilization flourished--as revolutionary advances in art, science and thought swept through the inhabited world. And they left behind magnificent structures that stand to this day as testament to their greatness." Well, life went on uniformed till at a juncture in the Bronze Age; European so-called Roman struck with unprecedented hegemony coup de'tat in 509 BC on Etruscan Kingdom, Rome Italy. In my research, this is the date European hegemony began do destroy the natural people, using every methods posible, by razing, brainwashing, killing and then rule by fake law. The civilized BCE first hybrid human world phased out gradually, when the A.D 1 anno domini new world order, forged into conquest, a mighty force of brutality, and uncivilized authority. Out with the gods civilized hybrid human religion and religions way of life, and in with monotheism sodomite institution of church. This spouts three churches; Christianity, Islam, and Judaism-- all terrorist groups are of the church. You can easily see that all violence occurs in post of 509 BC. coup. If we give each household in the world-- one copy of world history textbook, then we may cause more human civility to be regained. Source cited: Zecharia Sitchin.