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History gods create man is sovereign * Revelation of S-God is mafia.

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Cosmic Philosopher

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History of the Black Obelisk wrote: The  Shalmaneser III was king of Assyria, and son of the previous ruler, Ashurnasirpal II. His long reign from 859--824 B.C. was a constant series of campaigns against the eastern tribes of Babylon, and he died 823 BC.*** No king of Assyria left more royal inscriptions and annals than Shalmaneser III. The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser shows king Jehu of Israel offering tribute to Shalmaneser III in 841 BC. Shalmaneser made campaigns to the west, north and south, even plundering Babylon. *** The reality of hybrid human history must not be placed in usurpation or in denial, for any sodomite mad men to have reason to write in their revelation scripture. Attention and warning is given to natural people! No authentic history opens the door for the Caucasian sodomite men, who emerged on the world scene, by coup de'tat of the Black Etruscan government; to become a criminal republic, to write vacuous and fake bible full of inverted fairy tale, which is based on Genesis 1:1 incoherent garbage; to usher in A.D. anno domini new world order ecclesiastic madness. That would be a catalyst for the protagonist spirit-God, a Devil, Adam and wife Eve, and the spurious garden Eden, and  the epiphany called Jesus Christ,  a demand that people believe in and behave according to the false imagined notions of a world that is non-existent. Read the white men imposition of Jesus in the book of Galatians 1:1-9;  and the bible must be stricken from the hybrid human society.