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The goddesses and gods make human beings Homo sapiens sapiens.

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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Pathologist John Hayman view of  early human evolution and human Migration.  Early man (Homo sapiens) and the hominids that preceded him (Homo erectus) lived in family groups within larger tribal areas. Within these groups there was division of labor with the adult males hunting as a team and the females caring for children and foraging for food. The males were generally more successful in their acquisition of food, acquiring more calories/hour than the females and passing excess provisions on to the females and their progeny.  Question: what makes some men become homosexual.

The supposed causes for homosexuality, are as numerous as attempted treatments. Homosexuals are ‘born that way’, have been enticed into homosexuality by an adult, been turned into homosexuals by the lack of a strong parent, been made homosexual by a dominating parent, been trapped in the gang stage of sexual development, been unable to attract a person of the opposite sex, been oversexed or sexually deficient, been at a lower level of human evolution, been rebels against a bourgeois materialistic society, or been victims of various kinds of traumatic experiences.  Communist countries have viewed homosexuality with disfavour and as ‘an aberration produced by capitalism’. A favourite, still in vogue among those with fundamental beliefs of one sort or another, is that the homosexual is ‘possessed by the Devil