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Armageddon of scripture is a Scandinavian danish contextual A.D. hoax.

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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The people of Earth, must realize the overt lies contained in the monotheism bible. Specifically those of Revelation 16:16 Armageddon. The bible is not in anyway, a certified history book, but an uncivilized work, at the hands of Scandinavian white criminals-- who unquestionably are mentally deranged. Barbie Latza Nadeau wrote:  Amazingly, the Danes, Finns, Hungarians and Swedes currently say it’s legal to have sex with animals as long as the animals are not hurt. But how would you know?  Most people which include me, have not known that it was Scandinavian Caucasian men, overthrow world natural governments, and write A.D. anno domini new world order, which brought about the Christian bible, as the supreme catalyst, for legal and moral order. The ruling Danish white men, obviously have some form of DiGeorge syndrome, from having anti-natural nature sex. Only mad people can create system called monotheism Christianity, and patented the Nicene Council, non-certified so-called revealed KJV bible. What you read throughout the book of Revelation, beginning at chapter 1,  relating to, "I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the ending," concerning the Christian churches-- are contrivances, inspired by three indulgent aberation of sexual behavior, by the political white men.  Everything in this bible, is grossly uncivilized, regarding certified human history.  Armageddon is not less than psychosis effect.  Their mental illness is manistested in the horrible wars and destruction, of many generations on many fronts.  Creating the non-existent fictional spirit-God world, and assumption of an extra spirit people need from God, the Devil, Adam and Eve, causes many mental dysfunctions in the literal human world, because it is extraneous to natural logic. Armageddon only relates to the evil of the mad Scandivanian white political men.   We are living in madness.